12th Grade Non-Fiction - Speeches: Homeschool Assignment

Instructor: Megan Sarkisian
Students completing this assignment will find a political speech and consider its audience and rhetorical and literary strategies used by the speaker. Then they will create their own speech in response that takes a stance counter to the original speaker's in order to satirize it.

Assignment Instructions for Students

Find a political speech and consider:

  • The audience being addressed
  • The rhetorical and literary devices employed by the speaker.

Then write your own 600-800 word speech in response, satirizing the original speaker in order to undermine their position. Remember your audience - your language choices here will be heavily dependent on whom you are trying to appeal to. You should use a wide range of literary and rhetorical features in your speech in order to evoke strong emotions and persuade your audience of your counter position (note: it does not matter whether you really agree or disagree with the original speaker's position; this task is all about using language effectively to persuade and elicit an emotional response).

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