1.62 Meters in Feet & Inches: How-to & Steps

Instructor: Sharon Linde
How can you convert 1.62 meters into inches and feet? This lesson will give you step by step instructions to convert from metric distance measurement to standard distance measurement.

Conversion Factors

Have you ever had to change inches to feet or pounds to kilograms? Maybe you were ordering something online and needed to convert information for a foreign country, or maybe you measured with a ruler and need to know the length in meters. How does this work?

Step 1 - Find a conversion factor

A conversion factor lets you to change from one unit of measurement to a different unit of measurement. Many conversion factors are commonly known - such as 12 inches / 1 foot when you are converting from feet to inches. Other conversion factors are less commonly known, and you'll have to look them up somewhere. After we solve this problem, we'll go over a number of ways you can find conversion factors.

To get from meters to feet and inches, we have a number of different options. One option is to convert 1.62 meters to yards, and from there to feet and inches. We could also convert directly from meters to feet, and then convert any decimal feet to inches. And lastly, we could convert from meters to inches and then back to feet with some spare inches. Any of these conversion factors will give you the correct answer and involve a similar number of steps. There are a number of ways to arrive at our answer, but let's choose the feet first option: converting meters to feet first.

There are 3.28 feet in 1 meter, so our conversion factor will be (3.28 feet / 1 meter).

Step 2 - Set up the conversion

The conversion factor we have gives you the number of feet in 1 meter, but we have 1.62 meters that we want to convert. How do we do that? Easy - we just multiply by our conversion factor.

  1. of inches in 1.62 meters = (1.62 meters) (3.28 feet / 1 meter)

Step 3 - Check the units are correct

Ignoring the numbers for now, let's check out units:

(meters x feet) / (meters) = feet

The meter on top and bottom of the fraction cancel out, because meters/meters is just equal to 1. This is a good check to our setup, because feet are the units we want our answer in initially and that's what we get here. If these units didn't work, we could stop before performing the number calculations because we'd already detected a problem.

Step 4 - Do the math

Once we know we have the correct conversion factor and that the units work out in our favor, we can proceed with the math. Ignoring the units for now (because we know they are correct) the math looks like this:

1.62 x 3.28 / 1 = 5.315 feet

Step 5 - Convert excess inches into feet

5.315 feet is a correct answer, but we ultimately wanted to have our answer in both feet and inches. We know there are 5 whole feet in 5.315 feet, but how many inches does the 0.315 part of that answer represent? Getting this portion of the answer requires multiplying by another conversion factor we are more familiar with - (12 inches / 1 foot)

(0.315 feet) (12 inches / 1 foot) = 3.78 inches

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