2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Games

Instructor: Sharon Linde
Second grade students are becoming more serious readers and beginning to need comprehension skills. This lesson gives you ideas for games you can create to use in your classroom.

Why Comprehension Games?

Second graders can have a wide variety of reading abilities - some are still decoding as they read, while others are diving into more complex text with a plot. Whichever level your second grade students are on, now's the time to start laying the foundation for solid comprehension skills. What does this look like?

For starters, students should start being made aware of strategies good readers use, like making mental images, or asking questions while reading. Additionally, they should be taught literary elements, such as plot, characters, and setting. These and other skills can be directly taught, then supported with whole and small group work, as well as center games. Let's take a look.

Story Elements

Start off directly teaching students the elements of stories, like characters, plot, setting, problem, and solution. Some students may be ready to identify theme or analyze character traits. Once students have practiced with whole and small groups, they'll be ready to apply skills independently. These games can be played in guided reading time or tucked into centers for independent application.


Create a game board for repeated use, or run copies and have students write directly onto a worksheet. The board should coordinate numbers on a die with a story element. For example, roll a one and tell main characters or the protagonist; roll a two and write the settings.

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