3D Timeline Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Many teachers incorporate timelines into their classroom, so students are often familiar with the concept. Adding a 3D element makes this more interactive and engaging.

3D Timelines

Timelines are a great way to help students organize chronological information and demonstrate the relationship between things over time. While most students are aware of the concept of a timeline, they are generally used to seeing them as 2-dimensional charts on paper. By creating 3-dimensional timelines, you can make a traditional history project more interactive and engaging. The following project ideas can easily be modified to fit any grade level and other needs of your specific classroom. It is also recommended that all of these be coupled with basic writing assignments, from research projects to opinion papers explaining why students chose those events for their timeline.

Pipe Cleaner Timeline

Materials: Poster or foam board (or similar material), index cards, craft pipe cleaners in a variety of colors, scissors, tape/glue, markers/pens/pencils, other craft supplies as desired for decorating.

Begin by having students research the events for their timeline and selecting the dates they would like to use. Students will then draw a long line across a piece of poster board, foam board, or similar sturdy material. This line is the basic timeline. Students will add the dates (but not the events) to the timeline, label it, and decorate it. Instruct students to design their timeline as if someone will be looking straight down on it. Encourage them to be colorful and creative.

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