4th Grade Math Project Ideas

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

This asset offers multiple cumulative math projects that allow your students to showcase their knowledge while engaging with real-world mathematical concepts.

Fun With Math

Your students may not believe that they can have fun with math, but projects are a great way for students to show off their skill level with concepts you have been covering in class. These projects are intended as summative projects for 4th graders at the end of units or the end of the year.

My Room Design

When projects are personal, students are engaged. This project requires the student to map out his/her own room and use mathematical knowledge to redesign the room.


  • Grid paper
  • Stiff card paper (or cardboard)
  • Craft materials (craft sticks, glue, etc) - optional
  • Measuring tape or ruler


  • Tell your students that they will be creating a grid model of their own bedroom (or any room in their house).
  • They will need to:
    • Measure all items in the room (focus on the footprint surface area on the floor)
    • Measure the dimensions of the room itself
    • Decide on an appropriate scale to use
    • Scale down the dimensions of the items
    • Draw a scale model of the room on grid paper
    • Draw and cut out scale models of each item in the room
      • These can be flat showing just the floor space required; or
      • These can be crafted into 3D items to place in the scaled room
  • Students should turn in a representation of the room as it is and another with the items rearranged to fit into the space in a different way.
  • Remind your students to think of:
    • Door leeway
    • Windows
    • The space things need to open or be used properly


  • This project can be conducted in pairs if desired.
  • Allow students to use the classroom as their room. If all students create scale models of the classroom, you can have a contest for the best re-design of the room and then actually rearrange your room.

Make a Math Tool

Tools are needed in all areas of life. This project allows your students to create a new math tool to help others with a common concept.


  • Craft materials (markers, paint, glue, popsicle sticks, etc)
  • Construction paper
  • Other items as desired and supplied by students


  • Tell your students that they need to create a new tool to help other students understand fractions.
  • They will need to make a usable, logical tool of some kind that accurately depicts the most common fractions.
  • If students need help, give a few ideas:
    • Circles stacked on top of each other showing pie-style fraction pieces
    • Multi-colored columns showing different fractions and their comparisons to each other
    • A poster showing cents as fractions of a dollar


  • If fractions are not your current focus, this project would work for percentages as well as common decimal comparisons.
  • To extend this project, require students to show the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages in a single tool.


Budgeting is a skill that many people (adults included) lack. This project will get your students thinking about how much things cost and how to adjust plans to meet a budget.


  • Paper/pencil
  • Internet access to research prices

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