5th Grade Opinion Writing Prompts

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Students in fifth grade will be asked to create opinion essays as part of their core writing curriculum. This lesson gives ideas to guide essays for students on any level.

Opinion Essays

Standards require fifth grade students to write opinion essays, clearly stating their view and supporting their thinking with reasons. To do this, they need to choose a topic they connect with and are able to write about easily. Use these prompts to help get the creative juices flowing.

Social Issue Opinion Writing Prompts

Some students find passion in topics that relate to social issues, arguing for one side of an issue or another easily. These prompts will give students a push out of the gate as they get ready for writing.

  • In the workplace, men still earn more than women. Women don't have the same opportunities in many fields, including the military and sports. Should women and men be treated equally?
  • We all recognize there's something fishy going on with our weather. Many leading scientists claim it's climate change, urging us to be more responsible with our carbon footprints. Is there such a thing as climate change, and if so, what should we do about it?
  • Performance enhancing drugs are a no-no in all sports, yet many are being used. What should happen to an athlete found using drugs?
  • The incarceration rate in our country is huge. What crimes should be worthy of jail time?
  • The United States Constitution states that we have a right to bear arms, yet gun violence is out of control. Is owning guns really a legal right?

Personal Issue Opinion Writing Prompts

Some fifth graders may feel more comfortable writing about issues closer to home, especially ones they're faced with on a day-to-day basis. Take a look.

  • Research indicates that having separate learning environments for girls and boys increases grades and accomplishments for both genders. Should we have single-gender schools?
  • Going to school is like having a full time job. Should students get paid, and if so, for what? Grades, effort?
  • Many schools with limited funds cut activities and classes important to students, such as art, music, or physical education. Should schools ensure all students have equal access to arts programs?
  • Getting dressed every morning is fun for some and a chore for others. Many schools have opted to adopt a uniform policy, which has been shown to increase focus in class and eliminate distractions. Should students be required to wear uniforms at school?
  • Students work all day at school, then receive work to take home. Many studies show homework doesn't even help students. Should students receive homework?

On Demand Prompts

Students may encounter prompts during testing environments that require them to create an opinion essay 'on demand.' Help them practice with these simple prompts.

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