A Christmas Carol Project Ideas

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Spending time to truly understand iconic seasonal stories is important. This asset offers multiple engaging projects to show student comprehension of 'A Christmas Carol'.

A Christmas Carol Projects

A Christmas Carol is such an iconic classic Christmas tale it is hard to believe that any student might need extra work on the concepts to really internalize them. However, maybe because of its iconic place in seasonal entertainment, taking a deep look into the story is beneficial for students to fully appreciate the heart of the literature.

The projects offered will guide your middle school or lower high school students to a full and cumulative understanding of A Christmas Carol. They will need to unify all of their understanding to complete these fun and engaging projects, all of which can be completed independently or in pairs/small groups.


Being able to re-tell a story is an important aspect of comprehension. In this project, students will re-tell the story in the form of images on a hanging mobile.


  • Hangers
  • String
  • Art supplies (construction paper, glue, tape, markers)
  • Small props that may be helpful (tiny boxes, tin foil, doll's furniture)


  • Explain to your students that they will be re-telling the story of A Christmas Carol using pictures and objects.
  • Give each student a hanger and access to the supplies.
  • Allow time for students to consider their projects
    • Consider using class time for planning and allowing students to build at home
  • Instruct students to begin the story at the top of the mobile and continue through the story as the viewer looks down through the hanging pieces.

Focus on the Ghosts

The ghosts in this story are extremely important. In this project, your students will consider which ghost had the greatest impact on Scrooge's decision to change.


  • Fabric (for cloaks of ghosts)
  • Clay (or playdough)
  • Art supplies (aluminum foil, markers, paper, tape, glue)


  • Instruct your students to consider all of the ghosts shown in the story and decide which had the greatest impact on Scrooge.
  • Next, students should use the supplies provided to build a representation of that ghost.
  • Students will then write a brief defense for why they chose that ghost. In this writing, students should not mention the ghost chosen, just the characteristics of the ghost that helped the student make a decision.
  • Finally, all students should present their models and read their defense to the class.
    • Allow the class to decide which ghost has been chosen.

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