A Moveable Feast Discussion Questions

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

If your students are reading Hemingway's memoir, 'A Moveable Feast,' it can be helpful to have some strong questions to guide their discussions. This lesson offers a series of questions that will get you and your students started.

Teaching A Moveable Feast

Whether you are teaching about the genre of the literary memoir or focusing on the writings of Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast is an important text to read. This book tells of Hemingway's experiences when he was living in Paris in the 1920s. Readers will think about what it means to be an expatriate, what happens to people who long to make it as writers, and what relationships really informed Hemingway's life and other works.

To help your students get as much as possible out of A Moveable Feast, you probably want to make sure to have some rich class discussions. The questions in this lesson are intentionally open-ended and designed to encourage students to talk together and learn from each other as they work on Hemingway's memoir.

Questions About People

The questions in this section focus on the different characters populating the stories that Hemingway documents.

  • What do you learn about Hemingway himself from reading this book? What stands out to you about his personality?
  • How do you think Hemingway is changed by the events that occur over the course of this text? Talk about one encounter or event that really changes him as a person.
  • How does Hemingway act in relation to other people in this book? What is your own reaction to the relationships he forms?
  • Talk about some of the artists and writers Hemingway interacts with in this memoir. What surprises you about their lives, behaviors, and relationships? How do they influence each other?
  • Which 'character' in this memoir do you feel the deepest sense of connection to and why? Discuss what you have in common with this person.
  • Why was it so important for Hemingway to live in Paris? What did he hope to gain from becoming an expatriate? Does it seem like he achieved his goal?
  • Discuss whether you think the version Hemingway presents of himself in these writings is genuine. What does it mean for him to write a memoir?

Questions About Events

Here, you will find questions pertaining to some of the things that happen to and with Hemingway over the course of the text.

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