A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 2 Summary

Instructor: Dori Starnes

Dori has taught college and high school English courses, and has Masters degrees in both literature and education.

Meg and Charles Wallace meet a friend in the woods, visit a not-so-haunted house, and get a cryptic message about their long-absent father. This lesson will focus on the summary of Chapter 2 of ''A Wrinkle in Time''.


In Chapter 1 of A Wrinkle in Time, we were introduced to the Murry family. The main character of the novel, thirteen-year-old Meg Murry, is a self-described loser who feels out of place in school. She is the oldest of four children. Her youngest brother, five-year-old Charles Wallace, also doesn't really fit into society. Though many people think he's slow, the truth is that Charles Wallace just won't talk to strangers.

On a stormy night, Meg, Charles Wallace, and their mother Mrs. Murry sit in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate. A visitor, Mrs. Whatsit, shows up. She knows Charles Wallace, whom she met in the woods, and she has a message for Mrs. Murry. She tells the beautiful scientist that 'there is such a thing as a tesseract', and then disappears.

Chapter Two: Mrs. Who

School=Awful (As Usual)

Meg wakes up and heads downstairs for breakfast, wondering if everything that happened the night before was all a dream. As they eat, her mother tells her that Mrs. Whatsit really did visit them last night, proving that it was all real. Mrs. Murry says she and her missing husband used to joke about a tesseract. That explains why she was flustered when Mrs. Whatsit mentioned it.

Meg's ten-year-old twin brothers, Sandy and Dennys complain that they slept through the excitement. Someone should have woken them up, they claim, since they are the only 'normal' people in the family. Meg scowls at this, and Sandy tells her to ''find a happy medium.''

Meg is sleepy and grouchy at school and has no patience for her history teacher. She storms out of class and ends up in the principal's office. The principal tells Meg that her dad isn't coming home, but she won't listen.

Meg is sent to see the principal.
Meg is sent to see the principal.

A Walk with Charles Wallace

After a terrible day at school, Meg heads home to find Charles Wallace waiting for her with their big black dog, Fortinbras. Charles Wallace tells his sister that they are going to go visit Mrs. Whatsit and the women she lives with. Charles Wallace wants to tell them to be more careful, that people may be looking around their old house in the woods. As they walk, Charles Wallace reaches out to hold Meg's hand, and this makes her happier. At least her little brother loves her, even if the world does not.

At that moment, Charles Wallace tells his sister that he can't really read her mind, but she tells him things without meaning to. That is pretty unsettling for Meg, who was wondering how Charles Wallace seems to be able to read her mind.

But Meg can't really dwell on that, since Fortinbras starts barking. Charles Wallace runs ahead to see who is there. Meg comes up to Charles Wallace, who is talking to Calvin O'Keefe, a popular, athletic boy from her high school. Calvin has red hair and is wearing old clothes. Charles Wallace asks Calvin why he is in the woods.

Calvin, the 'Sport'

Calvin tells them that he is one of eleven kids, and he doesn't really feel like part of the family. He calls himself a ''sport'', which is a biological term meaning he has traits that his parents don't have. Charles Wallace says he is a sport, too, but that Meg is ''not really one thing or another.''

Calvin tells them he had a feeling he should come into the woods, though he didn't really know why. Charles Wallace tells Calvin to come home with them for dinner, and Calvin agrees.

Just then, they arrive at Mrs. Whatsit's house, which looks haunted. Charles Wallace says that it is just for show. They head inside and there is a pot of something (Meg thinks it looks like a cauldron) over a fire. Meg muses that they didn't see any smoke outside.

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