A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 7 Summary

Instructor: Dori Starnes

Dori has taught college and high school English courses, and has Masters degrees in both literature and education.

Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin enter CCI and come face-to-face with evil itself. This lesson will focus on the summary of chapter 7 of 'A Wrinkle in Time.'


Meg Murry, a self-described teenaged loser, is on a journey with her younger brother Charles Wallace and her friend Calvin O'Keefe to try to save Meg's long-absent father from The Black Thing, which has taken over chunks of the Universe and is even now threatening Earth. They are aided in their quest by the three Mrs. Ws, women who used to be stars.

The three Mrs. Ws have led Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin to the planet Camazotz, which is under the control of the Black Thing. Here, the Mrs. Ws promise the kids that they will find Mr. Murry. But Camazotz is a strange place. All the people look and act like robots, and even the children's playing is in unison, to a strange rhythm none of the travelers can hear. At the center of Camazotz is Central Central Intelligence, or CCI. The children are about to enter the CCI building.


Calvin says he will go in alone, but the others remind him that Mrs. Which (one of the Mrs. Ws) told them to stay together. As they enter the building, the three kids hold hands, with Meg in the middle. The hall is made of green marble that is beautiful but strange. There are people there, and the travelers ask a man to see whoever is in charge. The man replies that they should turn their papers in to the machine.

Charles Wallace asks the man another question, but the man tells the kids that he is going to report them. He doesn't want to be reprocessed again. While the kids are puzzling that answer out, the wall in front of them dissolves and they find themselves facing a row of giant computers. There is a long hallway between the machines, so the three travelers walk down it.

At the end of the hallway, Charles Wallace begins to get agitated. He tells the others that something is trying to get him. Though Charles Wallace is only five, this is very strange behavior for him. Meg is worried. Calvin says they should leave, but Charles Wallace tells him not to base his decisions on fear.

The Man with Red Eyes

The kids find themselves facing a raised platform. On it stands a man with glowing red eyes. They can feel the evil coming from him, and decide he is the Black Thing in human form. The man is able to speak directly into their minds. His voice, to Meg, sounds gentle. The man is surprised to see Calvin, and Charles Wallace says Calvin is just along for the ride.

Charles Wallace squeezes his eyes shut and tells the others to do the same. The man laughs and says that won't save them. Charles Wallace runs up to kick the man, but the man says it's nicer not to fight. He starts to say the multiplication tables in an attempt to hypnotize the kids. Charles Wallace says nursery rhymes to drown out the repetitive numbers, and Calvin recites The Gettysburg Address.

But it is Meg who stops the man's counting, by yelling 'Father!' The man laughs and tells them they passed the test. Meg asks him about her father and the man tells Meg and Charles Wallace that Mr. Murry shouldn't have abandoned the family. Then the man tells them not to bother talking--he can read their minds. Charles Wallace refuses. He does not trust the man.

The Turkey-Sand Dinner

The man with the red eyes tells Charles Wallace to look deep into his eyes. Charles Wallace's eyes turn completely blue, with no pupils, and he begins to walk toward the man. Meg tackles her little brother and brings him back to himself, and the man is annoyed. Meg tells the man that they are hungry, so he has his servants bring out a turkey dinner. Meg and Calvin dig in, but Charles Wallace says the turkey tastes like sand.

When the man looks deep into the eyes of Charles Wallace, the blue swallows up the pupil.
When the man looks deep into Charles Wallace

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