A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 9 Summary

Instructor: Dori Starnes

Dori has taught college and high school English courses, and has Masters degrees in both literature and education.

Though Meg has found her father, she is in danger of losing her brother, and her life, as they finally meet IT face-to-face. This lesson focuses on the summary of Chapter 9 of 'A Wrinkle in Time.'


Meg Murry, a self-described teenage loser, is on an interplanetary journey with her younger brother Charles Wallace and her friend Calvin O'Keefe. The three of them are traveling to save Meg's father, Mr. Murry, a physicist who is fighting the Black Thing, an evil which threatens to take over the entire Universe. The travelers have made it to the planet of Camazotz, which is in the grip of the Black Thing.

On Camazotz, Charles Wallace allows the Prime Coordinator, a man who seems as evil as the Black Thing, into his mind in return for the location of their father. A hypnotized Charles Wallace leads Meg and Calvin through the halls of the CENTRAL Central Intelligence (CCI) building, where they see Mr. Murry, trapped in a column of glass.

Finding Mr. Murry

Upon seeing her father, Meg tries to run into the room. However, the wall is transparent, not incorporate, and Meg bounces off it, hard. Charles Wallace laughs, and Meg is again angry at the changes in her brother.

Meg stares at her father, whom she hasn't seen for years. He looks ragged, and she doesn't think he can see her. Meg turns to try and tackle Charles Wallace (previously that had snapped him out of a hypnotized state) but he punches her before she gets to him. Charles Wallace tells Meg she must submit to IT.

Calvin, in the meantime, is also trying to get Charles Wallace back to himself. Calvin mutters a quote from Shakespeare under his breath about Ariel's rebellion against his master, Sycorax. Calvin uses the quote from The Tempest to try to get Charles Wallace to be like Ariel and resist the control of IT.

Again, Calvin is almost able to reach Charles Wallace but is stopped just short of his goal. Meg, still wanting to get to her father, puts on the glasses Mrs. Who (a former celestial star and the one who brought the children to Camazotz to rescue Mr. Murry) gave her, which enables her to get through not only the wall, but also the column surrounding her father. Father and daughter are finally reunited.

Mrs. Who's Glasses

Mr. Murry can't see anything, so Meg gives him the glasses and Mr. Murry is overjoyed to now be able to see his daughter. Wearing the glasses, Mr. Murry is able to get through the walls, and he picks up Meg and brings her along with him. Charles Wallace warns them that they have made IT mad. Meg tells her father that this is not the real Charles Wallace; that IT is messing with his mind.

Mr. Murry orders Charles Wallace to stop, but it has no effect on the boy. They return to the hallway, where Calvin is waiting for them. Meg feels a surge of intense sadness that even though she has found her father, nothing is back to normal. Charles Wallace tells them he is bringing them right to IT. Mr. Murry argues the Meg will never survive the encounter, but Charles Wallace just shrugs.

Charles Wallace tells them to follow, and he brings them to another building, where IT lives. The walls of the building pulse and everything is full of a bright violet light. Meg is dizzy and feels ill, and her breathing and heartbeat are in time with the pulsing walls. She tries to resist the rhythm and is unable to breathe at all. Eventually Meg's eyes adjust and she sees a raised platform in the center of the room. On it is a giant brain.

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