Acting on Customer Feedback: Steps & Examples

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  • 0:04 The Issue
  • 0:56 The Dilemma
  • 2:31 Steps to Satisfy the Customer
  • 2:57 Listening & Acting
  • 4:00 Measuring Feedback
  • 5:04 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Entrece Washington
Learn how to obtain customer feedback through effective listening, acting, and measuring. The following steps and examples will provide you with the tools needed to have a successful organization.

The Issue

Last week my sister Pam bought two tickets to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Christmas holiday. The price was so low I could not believe it. She only paid $337. Her vacation is scheduled for December 23rd through December 27th. Pam was elated to find such a good deal. She had used her husband's credit card to pay for the trip, and since she used his card the company emailed the itinerary to him. Pam asked her husband to forward the email to me so she could have it as well.

Well, Pam's husband did not forward the email to her until six days later. When she looked at the itinerary, the dates were all wrong. She was so upset! The issue is that the company had the dates wrong. The trip was now scheduled to leave on December 23rd and return on December 24th. This change was not part of the plan!

The Dilemma

Pam contacted the company to inform them of their mistake. The customer service representative (CSR) told her that they could not fix the dates because she had 24 hours after making the flight reservations to make changes, and it was now the 6th day. Pam was furious!

She told the CSR that they now have a dilemma because she knew for certain that she scheduled the correct dates - she had the page open for 30 minutes looking over the details. The CSR said that he was sorry but there was nothing that he could do about that. The changes will cost her $298.

Pam told the CSR that it's unfair for her to pay almost the same amount to make changes as she paid for the tickets in the beginning, and for a mistake she did not make. She told the CSR that she would call the Better Business Bureau and post on Facebook that they are a rip-off company. The CSR then offered a discounted rate of $258. Pam informed him that was still not enough for a mistake she did not make.

After the CSR put my sister on hold several times, he came back on the phone and offered her a price of $149 to extend the dates of the trip. She was not 100% happy, but at least she was able to book my trip for the days she had originally planned. When she spoke to the CSR again and insisted that she was so careful about the dates and that she did not understand how they could have changed, he informed her that the computer automatically checks the box that states a customer is flexible on the dates and times, and that they wanted a discount. This caused the dates to be changed without her seeing it immediately. Pam told him that was just wrong and crooked.

Steps to Take to Satisfy the Customer

After reading this story about my sister's experience, I want to point out the steps the company took to satisfy her as the customer. Whether an organization is right or wrong, it must follow a process to satisfy its customer's needs, which goes from listening, to acting, to the final step of measuring the rate of satisfaction. Once these steps are complete, the organization will know which direction they need to go to continue to have successful business outcomes.

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