Activities that Promote Reading Fluency

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Learning to read can be a fun and exciting experience for young students. Providing activities that promote reading fluency helps to improve a child's skill.

How You Can Promote Reading Fluency

Preparing activities that promote reading fluency is an important part of children learning to love reading. As part of your planning, consider implementing the concept of E-A-R-S.


Teach your kids EARS:

Expression - Moving the tone of their voice up and down

Accuracy - Pronouncing the words correctly and reading the words in the text

Rate of Speed - Keeping the pace appropriate, not too slow or not too fast

Smooth - Reading with a smooth, steady voice

Explain the value and importance of expression in their voice when they read out loud, being accurate in their reading, having an appropriate rate that is not too slow or too fast, and keeping the pace smooth. These key elements will help them to be more fluent in their reading and enjoy reading that much more.

Reading with Partners

When kids are young, they need a short story that is only one or two paragraphs. Older students can read longer stories. Regardless of age, have the kids take turns reading the story to each other. The entire class participates in small groups. One partner reads for one minute while their partner listens. At the end of the minute, they see how far they went on the page, and their partner gives them feedback about their E-A-R-S. The same student then reads again, with the goal of improving their reading and rate. The second time the reader will try to go further in the story within one minute. After feedback the second time, the roles are reversed, and the listener becomes the reader. The exercise is repeated to allow each student two chances to read.

Mumble Reading

Mumble reading is reading verbally but very quietly as if the student is mumbling. The student should pronounce each word, but the words are spoken softly. There will be a low hum in the room as all of the students do their mumble reading at the same time.

By implementing mumble reading, all students read together, and those who are nervous about reading aloud can feel more secure when others are reading with them. This builds confidence, fluency, and comfort in reading. This also gives the students a chance to master new words and difficult phrases in their reading.

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