Adjective Exercises for Children

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Adjectives add great interest to the written and spoken word. This lesson includes exercises to help get your students fully engaged in practicing the use of adjectives.

Playing Games With Adjectives

Students enjoy having fun. When you can engage students in exciting activities, especially if there is a timed or competitive component to the exercise, they put themselves whole-heartedly into the activity. The more engagement a student gives to a topic, the more the concept is internalized. By playing games with your students, you can encourage full engagement while they happily learn about adjectives.

This lesson offers exercises intended for solo work as well as games that can be played by the entire class. These specific games and exercises focus on adjective recognition and improving students' adjective vocabulary. The games can be altered to fit your classroom needs.

Solo Exercises To Enhance Adjective Understanding

When students need additional help on a concept offering extra exercises can encourage them to practice difficult concepts. Students are more likely to engage in extra work when the work is entertaining. These solo exercises are intended to give students extra practice with identifying adjectives and recognizing their proper use in real situations.

Match The Adjective

  • Materials: You will need worksheets with lists of very descriptive sentences. In each sentence, the adjectives should be removed. All the adjectives to be used in the sentences should be listed in a box at the top of each worksheet. An example of a good sentence is, 'Late at night on a stormy dark alley way, Melissa creeped slowly and deliberately toward the quiet fur ball laying in agony in the shadowy bushes.' Create multiple worksheets of varying degrees of difficulty. Remember, all adjectives should be removed from the sentence and replaced with blank spaces.
  • Directions: Tell students that their job is to complete the sentences using the adjectives at the top of the page.

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