Advertising Media Choices and Marketing Strategy

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
There are many different types of advertising media that marketing managers can choose from in order to create a successful marketing strategy. This lesson covers some of those options, including printed media, television and outdoor media.

Media Campaigns

The marketing department at Ninja Corp. has just received word that they have been given a $2 million advertising media budget for the year. The marketing team is at a standstill trying to decide which medium they should use for the $2 million budget. A medium is the type of channel used to communicate an advertising message. Should they invest in a television commercial, radio, print, online or outdoor media or a social media campaign? The marketing team is having a final meeting to discuss media planning, and to decide what is the best way to convey their advertising message to their target market.

Types of Media


Most companies spend advertising budgets on mass communication mediums.
Ad Budget Mass Media

Overall, U.S. advertisers spend at least $300 billion a year on advertising. Most companies spend their budgets on major mass communication methods such as print, radio and television. Newspaper advertising was the main channel of communication for many years, but the increase in other technological advertising methods has decreased its usage tremendously. There are some advantages to using newspaper advertising that the marketing team should be aware of before they make their final decision. Newspaper advertising would allow Ninja Corp. to target its customers based on geography and to promote its products frequently and inexpensively. The two reasons that the Ninja team has decided to pass on using newspaper advertising is that circulation is down locally as people are reading less, and it does not allow them to target specific segments of the market.


One of the benefits of using magazine advertising for Ninja Corp. would be the ability to target specialized markets. For example, they could advertise in martial arts magazines. The cost is high, and they have to deal with long lead times to get their message out to the audience. One extra bonus with magazine advertising is that magazines are saved or shared with readers so the company might get longer exposure than with newspaper ads.


Ninja Corp. is very interested in using radio advertising as part of its media campaign. The team feels that radio ads would allow them to specifically target their unique customer base and provide frequent, fun and engaging commercials. Overall, using radio would not be expensive and would also allow them to tailor different ads for different geographical areas. The team has decided to add radio and satellite radio to their media campaign.


Television advertising is extremely expensive and would cut significantly into Ninja Corp.'s media budget. It does offer some great advantages, including a visual, fun way of communicating a product. It also can be targeted more specifically through the use of cable television channels. One issue that the team is concerned about regarding TV ads is that many viewers DVR or record their shows and then fast forward through the ads. Many viewers have also reached burnout with TV ads and will ignore commercials.

Radio advertising can target certain customers and is relatively inexpensive.
Radio Advertising

Outdoor Media

Outdoor advertising is growing in popularity because it offers flexibility, lower cost and lots of variation. For example, Ninja Corp. could select a billboard, a giant inflatable ninja, skywriting or signs on transit vehicles such as buses. Ninja Corp. has decided to go with a billboard for three months on a highway that enters the main section of the city. The billboard will showcase their ninja products.

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