Aerial Advertising: Definition, Examples & Regulations

Instructor: Lauren Riley

Lauren has taught college level organizational behavior and has a master's degree in Business Administration.

In this lesson, we will define aerial advertising, discuss the types of advertising available under this medium and look at the regulations associated with aerial advertising.

What Is Aerial Advertising?

If you've ever been on the beach during a warm summer's day and looked up to see a plane flying by with a large GEICO banner flapping in the wind, you're no stranger to aerial advertising. Aerial advertising is a marketing strategy in which an aircraft is enlisted to create or display messaging for an organization. While most would think of aerial banners as the sole form of aerial advertising, the messaging could actually incorporate a wide variety of tools such as blimps, drones, skywriting, or flogos and take on static or dynamic messaging.

Aerial Advertising Methods

Perhaps one of the most well-known forms of aerial advertising is the use of blimps, inflatable low flying airships, to advertise a logo over a large crowd of people. Blimps are eye-catching and often appeal to marketers due to the higher rate of recall compared to other forms of advertising.


Banners are another popular form of aerial advertising in which a long strip of cloth bearing a logo or slogan is attached to an aircraft. While banners have traditionally been attached to low-flying planes, drones, or unmanned aircrafts, have become more popular in this form of aerial advertising due to their lower cost.


Another form of aerial advertising is skywriting, in which an aircraft uses smoke trails to write a message in the sky. This form of aerial advertising can be subject to weather conditions and is most effective on cool, humid, windless, clear days.

Similar to skywriting, flogos have recently become a more popular form of aerial marketing. Flogos are created from a specially-formulated foam which is very light but is able to retain its shape and through using a machine with a stencil-like feature that creates the uniquely shaped flogos that catch the audience's attention.

NEO flogo

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