Affiliate Marketing: Checklist & Process

Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

More and more people are getting into affiliate marketing. Learn how this is a viable business for many and what it takes to be successful in this lesson.

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies now have affiliate marketing programs that you can join. Just think, you can be an affiliate of your favorite store and make money by telling others about your favorite store. It almost seems like a win-win situation for everybody. You get paid for sending more people to your favorite store and the store benefits from more sales. The company doesn't lose money by having you as an affiliate and you make money whenever you bring the company a sale. Sounds great! And for many people, this is how they make a living. But, affiliate marketing, an arrangement between a company and outside third parties where the company pays the outside third parties for sales it sends to the company, is not for everyone. Affiliate marketing is for those people that are good at persuading others to purchase certain things.

Affiliate marketing is about persuading people to purchase certain things
affiliate marketing checklist

Now, imagine Cindy. She feels that she is good at persuading people and she is known for giving good recommendations on where to go and what to buy. So, she has started her own blog where she talks about all the best gadgets and products that she finds over time. She just recently heard about affiliate marketing as a means to monetize or make money from her blog. Cindy looks into it a little bit more and she finds a beginner's checklist and experiences from others who are successful at it.

Action Checklist

The beginner's checklist that Cindy found is a general checklist. It gives her a general view of the process and actions that she needs to take. Here it is.

  • 1. Pick a niche. A niche in affiliate marketing is a focused subject for your products. For example, cat foods that are high in protein content is a niche that caters to those cat owners who care what their cats eat. This action step is actually one of the most important. If you pick a niche that you aren't overly familiar with, then you probably won't be able to connect with the niche's audience and persuade them to purchase certain things.
  • 2. Choose your products. After you've decided on your niche, you now need to pick products for your niche. You can't just pick any product in your niche. No, you need to do some research to make sure that the products you are promoting are quality products that really will help your audience.
  • 3. Choose your affiliate marketing program. Choose a trustworthy one that offers your chosen products and that pays its affiliates on time. Some will also pay a higher percentage for your sale while others pay a much lower percentage.
  • 4. Plan your marketing strategy. Once you've found your products and your affiliate marketing program, you need to decide on how you are going to tell others about it. Will it be through a website, a blog, ads, or a social media account? You'll have to decide which method is the best way to reach your particular audience.

Let's see what Cindy does with this checklist.

Marketing Process

By following this checklist, the marketing process goes something like this.

Cindy begins by finding her niche. She is a mother of four kids and knows just how hard it is to raise four little ones without the right gadgets that make life easier. The hardest time for her was feeding time, so she wants to help other moms who are also having trouble with feeding. Her niche is that of feedings gadgets and healthy foods for infants and toddlers.

After picking this niche, she now goes looking for appropriate products. She finds this product that helps kids grab onto spoons and forks and she finds a transition cup that teaches toddlers how to drink from a cup that is also spill proof. She also finds some really good books with excellent recipes that incorporate green veggies that kids will love.

After choosing her products carefully, Cindy now looks for an affiliate marketing program she can join that offers these particular products. She finds one from an international retailer that carries almost every single product on the planet. This particular affiliate marketing program is very trustworthy as it is being used by thousands and thousands of affiliates and it's known to always pay on time. She joins it and is now ready to promote her products.

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