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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Age diversity is the ability to accept all different types of ages within a business environment. Companies have to adjust to an aging population in various ways.

Age Diversity Definition

C.B.M. is a very successful computer company that was started in 1980. The company just acquired a brand new startup technology company called Heal Aspect. They create health applications for mobile phones. The startup company consisted of over 25 employees with ages ranging from 22 to 30 years of age. C.B.M., on the other hand, had an employee age range of 30 to 70 years of age.

How could C.B.M. find a way to merge these two companies and create a new corporate culture? The answer is age diversity, which is the acceptance of all age groups in the workforce. C.B.M.'s upper management put together a task force to identify what trends and solutions were needed to make the merger successful.

Age Diversity Trends and Examples

The task force completed a month review of both C.B.M. and Heal Aspect. They are ready to present their findings. The biggest discovery came from some basic online research. The task force realized that the young employees needed to find ways to work side-by-side with the older C.B.M. workers due to an astounding fact:

By 2030, the number of older persons will reach 70 million. This is twice the number of older persons that existed in 1996. The baby boomers is the name for the older-age cohort of people born between 1946 and 1964. Heal Aspect employees realized early on they would be outnumbered by the older workers with the new merger. The task force came up with a list of suggestions to help make the merger successful.

1. Salary differences
Since older workers are usually higher-paid due to the time in the job market, there needed to be a salary adjustment overall. The younger employees needed to have their salary adjusted to match their job responsibilities. Some of the older managers had top-heavy salaries for their position. Certain older employees were offered early retirement, while others took a pay cut to ensure the success of the company.

2. Team building sessions need to be run every month to help develop intergenerational communication.
For example, Heal Aspect's employees rely heavily on texting and their iPads for work communication, while C.B.M. still uses traditional emails. Technology training sessions were provided to bring the older employees up to date. Some of the younger managers acted as mentors to help with setting up iPads for the sales force.

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