Agile Coalition Network: Purpose & Advantages

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Instructor: Joseph Madison

Joseph received his Doctorate from UMUC in Management. He retired from the Army after 23 years of service, working in intelligence, behavioral health, and entertainment.

This lesson will describe the purpose of an agile coalition network and discuss the advantages of being part of this network when your organization is looking to use or is using agile methodology.

Agile Thinking

Laurie, a CEO at Games Are Fun, Inc., has changed her organization into an agile one. She created encapsulated teams that have individuals from a variety of departments. This allows each team to work on whole projects together, because everyone plays a part. The transformation has gone fairly well, but she has encountered some obstacles which are keeping her whole organization from working smoothly. Unfortunately, right now for Laurie, none of the local businesses and owners that she knows have gone agile, so she has no one to go to in order to assess the issues and compare processes. This is where an Agile Coalition Network would be ideal.

Though originally developed for software developers, agile methodology has grown into a business framework used by a variety of organizations. Agile thinking is focused on interactions and people, while trying to eliminate unnecessary actions. The goal is to consistently provide excellent services and products to consumers based on what they want and need. Agile thinking usually requires reorganizations of businesses because it touches every department in some way. Agile thinking eventually requires a whole business transformation, because it changes not only the behaviors in a business but the culture as a whole.

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Agile Coalition Network

An agile coalition network is a network of agile businesses. This network, which can include businesses that are local or based all over the world, creates a centralized website to be used as a foundational source for all things agile. These networks encompass small and large organizations at varying stages of agile transformation. The websites contain chat and forum options, as well as resources, podcasts, blog entries, and other pieces of agile information. The purpose for these networks is to allow businesses from all over the world to find a place to communicate, share ideas, and support other agile businesses. The networks are usually free to join and are focused on getting you in contact with others using agile methodology. Keep in mind that some of these networks are only temporary and may eventually disband over time, like networks that are brought together for a similar goal, such as a new product.

Agile Thinking


Now that you know what an agile coalition network is, let's look at some of the advantages of joining such a group:

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