Agile Story Mapping: Tools & Examples

Instructor: Saranya Ramachandran

Saranya has a Bachelors in Science focused on Electronics and Telecommunication and a Masters in Business Administration. She has 8 years of Project Management Experience and is PMP Certified.

The lesson describes how to use Agile Story Mapping in Software Development Process which is used to organize user stories. User stories are high level requirements in non technical language and ordering them according to several factors helps in creating a roadmap .


Agile is a software development methodology that focuses on highly empowered team work with individuals of varied skills and requirements that evolve throughout the life time of a project. User Story is one of the techniques of Agile where the requirement of the product or software is written using simple non-technical language in a way that the end user describes it. Story Mapping is a technique to organize the user stories in a way that each release focuses on a set of functionality. The story mapping technique also helps with identifying if there are any missing pieces of information.

The Process of Agile Story Mapping

The stories can be organized according to functionality, release and whether the user story is business related or technical. This way of organizing provides a map that is highly useful to the software development team and always keeps the focus on what the end user ultimately needs.

Let us take an example of two functionalities, their related user stories and how to organize them into a road map.

Consider the case of a team developing a cell phone application to play music.

User Stories

1. I want the cell phone application to be easily navigable and user friendly

2. I want to see the most used functions in my home page of the application

3. I want the application to save preferences of the kind of music I like

4. I want the application to recommend music based on my saved preferences.

The first two user stories could be grouped into a functionality called visual preferences and the last two as features of the application. Further the first release might just want the visual preferences to be tackled and the last two to be tackled in the next release. Using this information, let us try and organize the user stories.

User Story Mapping

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