Aider: Definition & Conjugation

Instructor: Rebecca Rosenbarker

Rebecca has taught French and English as a Second Language (ESL). She has a master's degree in ESL. Rebecca currently lives in France.

This lesson introduces the French verb aider (to help). We will look at how aider and other regular -er verbs are conjugated with varying subject nouns and pronouns, and how the conjugations are pronounced. A short quiz follows this lesson.

The Verb Aider (to help)

Have you ever had to ask someone for help? Have you ever assisted someone else? The French verb aider (pronounced: ay-day) means 'to help.'

The verb aider in action
A Navy Officer giving a gift to a little girl

Aider is a regular -er verb in French, meaning that it follows the same conjugation pattern as other regular -er verbs. You might know some of these other verbs, such as parler (to speak), visiter (to visit), or donner (to give). If you already know how to conjugate these verbs, congratulations! You already know how to conjugate aider in the present tense. But if you don't, or if you want a refresher, just keep reading.

Conjugation of Regular -ER Verbs such as Aider

Regular -er verbs, like aider, follow the same pattern when conjugating them in the present tense. To start, you remove the -er from the end of the infinitive form of the verb (aider becomes aid). Then, you add the following endings, depending on the subject noun or pronoun you are working with. Let's take a look at what that looks like.

Subject Pronoun Ending
Je -e
Tu -es
Il/elle/on -e
Nous -ons
Vous -ez
Ils -ent

Let's now take a look at the present tense conjugation of the regular -er verb aider.

Conjugation of Aider in the Present Tense

Using the subject pronouns and endings we looked at above, here is the present tense conjugation of aider.

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