Alien Writing Activities

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

Alien stories can be everything from invasions of Earth to science fiction stories about traveling amongst the stars. This lesson provides different activities for students to use as their muse for writing about aliens.


Writing about aliens can be a fun way for students to expand their writing style. Aliens can be inserted into any genre of writing, such as historical fiction, romance, adventure, horror, and fantasy. To make sure students can see the possibilities of aliens in their writing, I have compiled a list of different activities to do with students to inspire and engage them.

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are great activities for students to gain inspiration for a new story. The following is a combination of visual, audio, and written prompts for students to use.

Visual Prompts

The following visual prompts contain captions that students can use to look at and write about.


This image could be used with the caption Tell a story about a race of aliens that have this skull. What type of race would have this skull, and are they friend or foe.

This prompt is an image of an alien planet for students to use as an idea for their story.

alien landscape

You could use this image with the caption Write a story about the image you see here, who are the aliens that live here, and what are they doing.

Written Prompts

Another great activity for writing prompts is to provide a phrase or sentence that students have to use in their story. The weirder, the better, because it makes it even more challenging to write a story around it. To increase the interest in the story, pick a genre for the students to write in, like romance.

  • ''I sat at the diner, blood dripping into my pancakes, I tried to focus on what to do next.''
  • ''She was exquisite, pale purple skin, one bright teal eye, and a perfectly shaped circular body. I knew it was love at first sight.''
  • ''The aliens came, we were terrified, until they stepped out of their ship, and we realized they were...''
  • ''Earth felt like home, even though I came from a distant planet, I found a family here. I was sent to scope out the planet for annihilation, now what do I do?''
  • The aliens loved cheetos...''

Audio Prompts

Music and noises can incite different feelings and ideas in people. To get the students in the mood for writing, and to see how music can affect writing, you can use snippets of audio clips. Use theme songs from movies like Independence Day or Space Invaders. You can also use snippets of oral histories of conversations that could be construed as anything. Give the students 30 minutes in class to write a quick essay on aliens that incorporates the speech.

Additional Alien Activities

There are also additional activities that can be done in class to inspire students. The following activities offer a variety of interesting ideas.

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