Aligning Group Goals With Individual Performance Goals

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rebecca Rosenberg
Motivating employees is a complicated and nuanced task. In this lesson, you will learn how matching employee goals with company goals can help increase employee motivation, engagement and retention.

Increasing Employee Motivation

Sally is a spreadsheet expert and loves working with numbers. She knows every formula, every shortcut, every trick to inputting numbers and getting back the data she wants. She's been working at the same company for five years, but she doesn't really feel connected to the products the company is making. She knows she probably could do more every week than she does, but she doesn't say anything to her boss. Every week, she feels increasingly bored with her job and has started to look for other openings.

There are a lot of good things about Sally's job. She's doing something she loves, and she's praised and rewarded for her work. But Sally is lacking in motivation and engagement, which has led to dissatisfaction with her job. Why is that? And how can her company fix this?

Matching Company and Individual Goals

Sally is given weekly assignments she must meet, and has monthly and quarterly goals as well. The company also has short-term and long-term goals to meet, but no one has told Sally what they are. Here's an example:

  • Sally's Goal: Sally will complete 75 product spreadsheets by June 1.
  • Company Goal: Create 5 new products that are on the market and sellable by January 1.

In this case, their goals are aligned, they just don't know it. Obviously, one step is to share company goals with the employees. Just knowing what the company is striving for can increase engagement. Further, by creating SMART Goals, goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound, the company can show how these two goals are actually aligned.

  • Sally's New Goal: Sally will complete analyzing data for 75 products by June 1. The company will be able to evaluate which products they wish to develop and bring to market by analyzing the product spreadsheets.

The original goal contained a lot of the SMART goals aspects already. It was specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound. That was a great start. But it wasn't results-focused, meaning the outcome of this work wasn't clear. Sally had no idea why she was creating these spreadsheets or what creating them would accomplish. By tying her goal to the company goal, she can see the direct impact her work has on the success of the company. By using her skills to evaluate the research, the company will be able to make better decisions. Now that she knows how important the work is, she is far more likely to be invested in her work.

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