All About Me Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

This lesson plan addresses the preschool topic of All About Me by examining how authors describe characters and helping preschoolers to describe themselves in a similar fashion. The plan includes a story, writing, artwork, and interactive activities.

Lesson Objectives

  • use descriptive words (adjectives) to describe themselves.
  • talk about their own personalities and actions.


  • The lesson should take about an hour, but it could easily be spread over multiple days in shorter time segments instead to accommodate schedules and attention spans.

Curriculum Standards

Social-Emotional Development

Develop an awareness of self:

1.0 Self-awareness

2.0 Self-regulation

3.0 Social and emotional understanding

This lesson plan is based on California standards for preschool education. Please refer to the standards for your state to check alignment.


  • A variety of all-about-me themed picture books - one to read aloud, a few for the students to look at later
  • Describing Characters in a Story: Lesson for Kids
  • Copies of a person outline
  • Drawing materials
  • Optional: scissors, glue, and old magazines to cut
  • Camera and ability to print photos

Instruction and Activities


  • Begin the lesson by reading your favorite all-about-me themed picture book. Some good options include: What I Like About Me by Allia Zola Nolan, We're Different, We're the Same by Bobbi Kates and Joe Mathieu, and Marvelous Me: Inside and Out by Lisa Bullard.
  • Seat students in a circle. Make a series of simple statements.
    • Stand if you like broccoli. (Students stand if they like broccoli, then sit again.)
    • Stand if you have a brother.
    • Stand if you have brown eyes.
    • Stand if you like to swim.

Go through a number of statements that touch on various categories (physical characteristics, preferences, experiences). If time allows, give a few students a chance to say their own ''stand if you. . .''

Outward Appearance

  • Read the section Outward Appearances from the lesson Describing Characters in a Story: Lesson for Kids.
  • Give students an outline of a person. Students should draw things that describe them. They might color hair and eyes the same color as their own, draw their favorite outfit, and draw an object they enjoy. Optional: make this step multi-media, allowing students to cut and glue shapes or pictures from magazines to show things they enjoy.


  • Read the section Unique Personalities from the lesson Describing Characters in a Story: Lesson for Kids.
  • Talk about words that describe personality like brave, enthusiastic, creative, curious, and kind.
  • Give students a page with this sentence starter: I am _____ because I _____.
  • Students should write or dictate their ideas. For example: I am creative because I like to sing and draw.


  • Read the section Words and Actions from the lesson Describing Characters in a Story: Lesson for Kids.
  • Talk about different actions that people enjoy.
  • Give each student a turn to show the class an action they like to perform (running, eating, drawing, sleeping).
  • Take a picture of each student performing a special action and print the pictures for their books.

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