All I Love and Know Discussion Questions

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been an educator for 20 years and earned her Master of Education degree in 2017. She enjoys using her experience to provide engaging resources for other teachers.

Teaching Judith Frank's 'All I Love and Know' to your high school students can be a fascinating journey through love, grief, and politics. Use these discussion questions to guide your students as they dissect the novel's complex themes and characters.

All I Love and Know by Judith Frank

All I Love and Know is a story of love, sorrow, and growth. However, it also takes a strong stand on current political issues. Delving into these topics with your high schoolers can seem like a daunting task. These discussion questions will help you guide students in identifying the underlying themes as well as analyzing characters and plot. You may want to use these questions with the whole class or provide a list to student teams. Additionally, providing one or more of the questions to individual students and asking that they craft a written response can serve as an excellent summative assessment.

Note: These questions are designed to be used after students finish reading the novel.

Questions about Characters

  • Matt is the first narrator in the novel. Why do you think Frank chose him to launch the story?
  • Matt and Daniel are opposites in some ways. Describe the similarities and differences between them before the terror attack. Describe the changes in their relationship after the attack and resulting adoption of Gal and Noam.
  • Matt and Daniel are sympathetic to the Palestinian side of the conflict in Israel. Is this an expected position for Daniel to have? What are the other characters' reactions to his viewpoint on the issue?
  • Daniel and his brother Joel are twins. How do they feel about being twins? What is their relationship like growing up? How does it change as they become adults?
  • Gal is old enough to understand the permanent loss of her parents. How does she cope with this loss? What is her perception of her new life with Matt and Daniel? How do you think that will change as time passes?
  • When Gal gets lost in the Jerusalem shuk, what insights into her relationship with Daniel does this event provide?
  • What do you think Matt and Daniel should tell Noam about his parents when he is old enough to understand?
  • Why do you think Frank decided to make Ilana's parents Holocaust survivors? What is surprising about their view of the Holocaust in light of the terrorist attacks happening?
  • Malka compares terror victims to Holocaust survivors. How does she connect the two? Do you agree with this comparison? Support your claim.
  • How does Yaakov's view on the murder, Daniel's relationship with Matt, and the connection to the Holocaust differ from Malka's?
  • How do Daniel's parents feel about the fact that he and Matt will be raising their grandchildren? How does their viewpoint change throughout the novel?
  • Do you think that Daniel and Matt will stay together for the long haul? Will they work out their parenting differences? How will they move past the sorrow and the huge life changes they encountered during the novel? Explain your answers fully.

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