Alternative Medicine for Lupus

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
In this lesson, you're going to answer a short few riddles. They will help you figure out what kinds of alternative therapies can be used to help treat a condition called Lupus.


Our body is unfortunately not a perfect machine. As such, it can actually attack itself in numerous autoimmune conditions. One such long-term autoimmune condition is known as Lupus, where proteins called antibodies attacks our own body's tissues and organs.

This lesson is going to take a look at some of the alternative therapies some people believe helps improve their signs and symptoms associated with Lupus. Because this is a very serious condition, you should never try any of these substances or therapies without first talking with your doctor as most of them have no basis in science.


Riddle me this: I can be green, yellow, or red. Some say I'm a vegetable and others say I'm a fruit. And no, I'm not a root! What am I?

If you said a tomato, you're right! Raw fruits and vegetables are part of a Lupus-friendly diet, as they may contain substances that help reduce the inflammation involved in Lupus. A Lupus-friendly diet should also include the likes of:

  • Cold-water fish- which have a lot of healthy fats that can help reduce inflammation and protect the heart.
  • Onions and garlic- are high in sulfur, which might help repair a person's joints if they're damaged.
  • Cranberry juice- which might help with urinary tract infections.

Riddle me this: I'm a pretty white crystal and I taste real good. But you'll want to avoid me in most of your food! What am I?

If you guessed sugar, you're one sweet riddle-solver! Sugar, saturated fats, eggs, alcohol, and caffeine can all worsen the inflammation seen in Lupus or increase a person's pain. You'll want to avoid these guys if you have Lupus.


Riddle me this: I'm a vitamin known for the sun. And if you have Lupus, you'll want to take me a ton! What am I?

The right answer is: vitamin D. Now, taking a ton of this is a gross exaggeration, so you'll need to talk to your doctor to figure out how much you'll need. Vitamin D might help regulate your immune system better if you have Lupus. Other supplements to consider include:

  • DHEA- a type of hormone that might improve the signs and symptoms of lupus.
  • MSM (or methylsulfonylmethane)- which might have anti-inflammatory and joint-protective effects.
  • Boswellia- derived from a tree, which could help suppress inflammation.

Other Alternative Therapies

Riddle me this: I'm used in homeopathy and I'm like a metal, but unless I'm really dilute you shouldn't mettle. What am I?

This one is tougher. It's Arsenicum Album, a homeopathic preparation made with a metal-like element known as arsenic, which is extremely poisonous and that's why it is highly diluted in homeopathic preparations. This compound supposedly helps relieve burning joint pain. Other homeopathic preparations for Lupus include:

  • Pulsatilla- for joint pain that moves from joint to joint.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron- for signs and symptoms that worsen with the cold.
  • Belladonna- for joint pain that worsens with movement.

Riddle me this: Vanilla Ice stole this beat but claims he made it fresher, it was Queen's..?

Acupressure! Ok, no. The song was called ''Under Pressure'' but that's what acupressure is all about, putting points of your body under pressure. Some of the points that might be helpful in Lupus are:

  • Large Intestine 4- for pain relief throughout the body.
  • Spleen 5- for pain around the ankles.
  • Large Intestine 11- for elbow or shoulder pain.

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