Alternative Medicine for Osteoporosis

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
This lesson goes over the numerous alternative therapies some believe will help people with osteoporosis or its signs and symptoms. You'll learn about diet, homeopathy, aromatherapy and more.


A healthy person has little to fear about falling from a standing height and catching themselves with their hand or arm. A bone in their hand is unlikely to break. But people with osteoporosis will more than likely have a broken bone in the same scenario. Why? Osteoporosis is a disorder that involve the production of too little bone, the loss of too much bone, or both. This leads to brittle and fragile bones.

This condition has numerous alternative therapies some claim will help. However, most are lacking any credible scientific evidence. So keep this in the back of your mind as you read the following information and always talk to your doctor first, before switching, starting or stopping any of your medication.


For this lesson, we'll pretend you're a blogger that caters to an audience full of people with osteoporosis. You know that in order to rank highly on Google search results, you need to constantly put out new articles. Here are some suggestions on what you can write for a whole week!

Monday: write about a healthy osteoporosis-related diet. One of the factors that may influence the development of osteoporosis is the process of inflammation. Thus, eating foods rich in anti-inflammatory molecules might help. Such foods include vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and fish. You can also write about protein powders or fermented soy-based foods since these might help increase bone formation.

Tuesday: write about what not to eat. Caffeine, soda, alcohol, and sugar may help promote inflammation and thus might may a person's osteoporosis worse. Refined grains, like those found in white bread are to be avoided as well. The same goes for things like red meat and salt. No Atkins diet for you!

Supplements & Others

On Wednesday, write about the supplements some think can help improve osteoporosis or help avoid it in the first place. This includes calcium and another mineral called magnesium, which is necessary for the proper utilization of calcium. Vitamin D3 is another supplement definitely worth noting as it helps absorb calcium. Another vitamin, vitamin K, is also recommended by some in order to help form new bone. Finally, go over a mineral called silicon, which might help strengthen the bone.

When Thursday rolls around, focus on homeopathic remedies. These include:

  • Calcarea Carbonica for bone pain
  • Calcarea Phosphorica for fractures
  • Symphytum to help fractures heal more quickly

A good topic for Friday would be acupressure. The following points might help people with osteoporosis:

  • Stomach 36 might help a person absorb more calcium
  • Large Intestine 4 could help with pain
  • Specifically, Spleen 5 could help with ankle pain

Saturday is always your aromatherapy day. Black pepper and rosemary might help relieve bone and joint pain. These can be used in a bath. If a person is stressed due to the osteoporosis, then they might want to relax with some lavender or rose.

Finally, Sunday is your miscellaneous day. Pilates or yoga might be advised to help manage any stress. You might want to note something like reflexology as well. Stimulation of the areas related to the spine, hip, and back might help some people.

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