Always in Spanish

Instructor: Manuel Ruiz

Manuel has taught and written curriculums for several educational organizations for over 10 years and has a master's degree in Biology.

Always is an adverb we use a lot. In Spanish, 'siempre' means always. In this lesson, we will learn how to use the word ''siempre'' properly through examples and practice conversations.

Siempre en Español (Always in Spanish)

Yo siempre he querido aprender Español! (I've always wanted to learn Spanish!). So let's do some learning together. In this lesson, we will learn how to use the adverb siempre. We will begin by learning some sentences with the word siempre and then we will practice by listening to two conversations. Empecemos (Let's begin).

Practice Sentences

  • Yo siempre tomo café por las mañanas - I always drink coffee in the mornings (pronounced: Yo see-m-preh toh-mo ka-fe por lass MA-nia-nas)
  • Yo siempre he querido un carro nuevo - I've always wanted a new car (pronounced: Yo see-m-pre eh keh-ree-do un ka-RO nu-eh-vo)
  • Yo siempre he querido ir a Roma - I've always wanted to go to Rome (pronounced: Yo see-m-pre eh keh-ree-do ear ah RO-ma)
  • Yo siempre corro por las mañanas - I always run in the mornings (pronounced: Yo see-m-pre ko-Ro pore lass Ma-nia-nas)
  • El sol siempre sale por el este - The sun always rises in the east (Pronounced: L sol see-m-pre za-le pore L S-te)

Megan and Alicia -Practice Conversation

Megan: Buenos días ¡Alicia! (Good morning Alicia!)

Alicia: ¡Buenos días Megan! (Good morning Megan!) 'Cómo estás? (How are you?)

Megan: Yo muy bien. 'Y tú? (I am doing fine. And you?)

Alicia: Yo muy bien también (I am doing fine as well or I am doing fine too)

Megan: 'Viste el juego anoche? (Did you see the game last night?)

Alicia: Yo siempre veo los juegos (I always watch the games).

Megan: Yo también (Me too). Siempre los veo con mi papa (I always watch them with my dad).

Alicia: Yo siempre los veo con una merienda (I always watch them with a snack).

Franco and Manny

Manny: ¡Hola Franco! (Hello Franco!)

Franco: 'Qué onda Manny? (What's up Manny?)

Manny: 'Viste la telenovela? (Did you see the soap opera)

Franco: Claro. Yo siempre la veo con mi mama (Of course. I always watch it with my mom)

Manny: Yo siempre la veo con mis hermanas (I always watch it with my sisters)

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