Amanda Beale in Maniac Magee

Instructor: Ashley Smith

Ashley has taught elementary school and has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

This lesson describes the characteristics of Amanda Beale, a young black girl from the East End, and her relationship with Maniac Magee in Jerry Spinelli's award winning book, ~'Maniac Magee~'.

Amanda Beale

Amanda was a friendly young black girl from the East End, a black community in Two Mills. She lived with her parents and her little brother and sister. Amanda was a nice girl. She was so nice, she loaned Maniac Magee one of her books and even gave him her bedroom!

Amanda Loved Books

Have you ever had something that you loved so much you didn't want anything to happen to it? For Amanda Beale, that was her books. She loved her books so much, she lugged all of them around with her everywhere she went so her brother and sister couldn't draw in them and her dog couldn't ruin them! Her most prized possession was her 'A' encyclopedia, a book she wouldn't let Maniac borrow!

Amanda loved her books.
Book Heart

Amanda and Maniac

Amanda Beale was the first person who talked to Maniac when he arrived in town. She was suspicious of Maniac when she first met him, because she wasn't sure what to think of a white boy in the East End, a black community. When she found Maniac being bullied by Mars Bar and she realized Maniac was trying to bring her book back to her, she brought him home with her. Amanda's parents said Maniac could stay with them and she let him have her room! She secretly preferred sleeping with her little brother and sister anyway.

Maniac and Amanda were like brother and sister. Like Maniac, Amanda didn't discriminate against the opposite race. She tried to defend Maniac. When some of the East Enders started bullying Maniac and he wanted to leave, Amanda begged him not to: ''Amanda didn't understand that most of the hurt he felt was not for himself but for her and the rest of the family.''

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