Ambulance Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Lindsey Spencer

Lindsey has taught regular and special educations students in grades 1-8 since 2009 and has a master's degree in special education.

Most people can recognize an ambulance by its siren and flashing lights. Not many people know about the inside of an ambulance or what makes them special vehicles. In this lesson, you will learn interesting facts about ambulances.

From Wagons to Cars

An ambulance is a special vehicle that helps sick or injured people get to the hospital. Can you believe that ambulances have been used for over 500 years? Although they weren't anything like the ambulances you see today, ambulances were first used for emergency transport in Spain in 1487.

A long time ago, horses and wagons were used as emergency transportation for hurt soldiers on battlefields. Today, we have vans and trucks for our ambulances.

This ambulance is part of a fire department. It follows fire trucks to help sick or injured people get to the hospital safely.
modern ambulance

Who Works on Ambulances?

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are two specially trained medical professionals who work on ambulances to help make sure a sick or injured person can safely travel to the hospital.

Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, provide basic care to people in emergency situations, such as giving sick or injured people oxygen, checking heart rate and blood pressure, and making sure the person doesn't get worse before they arrive at the hospital. EMTs can't give people medicine or use needles on the person.

Paramedics receive more training than EMTs and provide advanced medical care to help treat the person in the ambulance. Paramedics can do everything an EMT can plus give medications, use needles, and perform many other complex procedures.

The EMTs and paramedics do all of this work so the sick or injured person has the very best chance of getting better when they get to the hospital.

What Is Inside an Ambulance?

You can think of an ambulance as a hospital emergency room on wheels. Let's take a look at some of the equipment you'll find inside an ambulance.

The stretcher is probably the first thing people see in an ambulance. This is a special bed that has wheels and legs that can move up and down. When the EMT or paramedic pulls the stretcher out of the doors, the legs go down to the ground. When the EMT or paramedic wants the stretcher to go back in the ambulance, the legs fold up, and the stretcher can be pushed in.

A stretcher on an ambulance
ambulance stretcher

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