Among the Hidden: Summary & Themes

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rachel Noorda
This lesson discusses the summary and themes of 'Among the Hidden' by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The main themes of 'Among the Hidden' are friendship, family, freedom, and courage.

Among the Hidden Plot Summary

Among the Hidden is a dystopian young adult novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This is the story about the main character, Luke Gardner, who is a third child. In the world that Luke lives in, parents are only allowed to have two children, and any additional children will be killed.

Luke is twelve-years-old, and for those years, he has had to hide from the world. His parents own a farm. For many years, Luke was able to go outside and help on the farm because they did not have any neighboring houses nearby. But then, houses were built next to them, and so Luke had to spend all of his time in his room.

One day, Luke notices that there is someone there during the day in the neighbor's house. He thinks it's a third child. Finally, he builds up his courage and goes over to the neighboring house. That is where he meets Jen Talbot.

Jen is also a third child. She talks to other third children in a chat room. She is obsessed with freedom, and she wants to protest to the government in a rally. She asks Luke to come with her to the protest, but Luke is too scared. At the protest, Jen is killed.

The day after the protest, before Luke knows what has happened, he goes to Jen's house to see her. Jen's dad is there and tells Luke everything. At the end of the story, Jen's dad gets a fake ID for Luke. This allows him to pretend to be Lee Grant, so that he can go to school and stop hiding in his room.

Among the Hidden Themes

There are many themes in Among the Hidden but this lesson focuses on four main ones: friendship, family, freedom, and courage.


When the story of Among the Hidden begins, Luke does not have any friends. He has been hiding from the world for twelve years. Even though he loves his parents and his two older brothers, it's not until Luke meets Jen that he starts to learn about friendship. Their friendship is very important to Luke, which is why they visit so often.

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