Ancient Civilization Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Learning about all the ancient civilizations can be fun, but also a bit overwhelming for some students. Projects like these help students to slow down and focus on some of this material in depth and on a more personal scale.

Ancient Civilizations

Throughout the world, ancient peoples managed extraordinary things. They came together, mastered agriculture, built cities, and organized themselves into complex social and political networks. From the early river valley civilizations to the later heights of empires, there are many different ways for students to learn about ancient civilizations. These projects can help students delve deeper into these histories.

Ancient Civilizations Project Ideas

Ancient World's Fair

  • Materials: Research supplies, pavilion supplies as desired

The world's fairs are chances for nations around the globe to come together and show off their accomplishments. Students will apply this idea to civilizations of the ancient world. While this project can be completed by students independently, it may work best with students organized into groups.

Start by giving each group an ancient civilization. Students will thoroughly research this civilization and act as representatives of that culture at a world's fair. They will design their civilization's pavilion featuring information on their culture, accomplishments, and history, and will plan a cultural demonstration (this could be a dance, a sport, a recitation of stories/myths, etc.) to be presented to the rest of the class. Depending on time and resources available to your students, these pavilions can be very complex or relatively simple while still containing great information.

If you wish to expand on this a little more, consider hosting an ancient world Olympics, and have each civilization compete in basic games.

Ancient Tourism

  • Materials: Research supplies, presentation supplies as desired

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