Ancient Greece Gallery Walk Ideas

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Using gallery walks can be a great way to enhance students' learning about a variety of topics. This lesson offers ideas and sample questions for gallery walks pertaining to ancient Greece.

Teaching with Gallery Walks

As a teacher, you can always use new innovative ways to increase your students' learning. The more you can do to keep students engaged in and excited about learning, the more they will enjoy their time in school and develop their capacity for critical thinking.

If you are teaching about ancient Greece, you have so many different topics to cover, ranging from government structure to mythology, from fine arts to philosophy. One way you can get your students engaged in this important time period is by incorporating gallery walks into your instruction. During a gallery walk, students circulate around the classroom looking at questions, artifacts and ideas you have posted. Then students work collaboratively to respond or generate more questions about the topic. Finally, you can bring them together to process what they learned from the experience.

The gallery walk ideas in this lesson will supplement your teaching about ancient Greece, and you can modify them to meet the needs of your students as well as the specifics of your curriculum.

Artifact Gallery Walk

One of the best ways for students to learn about ancient times and cultures is by working the same way archaeologists do - with artifacts! Display pictures or models of different ancient Greek artifacts around your classroom. Under each image, post a few questions, like:

  • What do you think this artifact is?
  • What does this artifact make you think or wonder about life in ancient Greece?
  • What other artifacts or objects does this remind you of?

Let students circulate, look and talk with one another about the questions.

Mythology Gallery Walk

Often, an important part of learning about ancient Greece is learning the mythology. Choose five to eight different myths to focus on, and print versions of them for students to read. Hang these myths in different spots around the room. Under each myth, post comprehension and critical thinking questions. Some examples might include:

  • What purpose did this myth probably serve for the people of ancient Greece?
  • What does this myth teach you about ancient Greek culture and values?
  • What surprises you about this myth?
  • What questions or comments are you left with now that you have read this myth?

After students have had a chance to circulate, bring them together for a summary discussion about ancient Greek mythology.

Government Gallery Walk

One thing that students frequently study about ancient Greece is the roots of democracy, as well as the city-state structure, the role of military in government, ancient politics and political philosophy. For this gallery walk, you will choose a series of quotes regarding politics and government in ancient Greece. You can choose quotes from philosophers like Plato, Aristotle or Sophocles, or you can use quotes from secondary sources like trade books or textbooks students have been reading.

Post the quotes or passages you have selected around your classroom. Then, write a few questions under each quote. Questions might include:

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