Anger Management Contract Template

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Are you working on anger management with one or more students? Using a contract can be really helpful in establishing goals and expectations. This lesson provides a template you can use for developing an anger management contract.

Using an Anger Management Contract

Learning to manage anger can be a really important part of social and emotional development for students. Whether they get aggressive when angry, disrupt their own or others' learning because of their anger, or simply suffer internally because they feel so angry, students who cannot manage their anger often have a lot of trouble learning and participating in a classroom community.

Developing an anger management contract can be a great way to clearly state what you expect from students as they learn strategies to manage their anger. When students sign an anger management contract, they are showing that they take the need to manage anger very seriously. The contract can also help them understand precisely what it is they are agreeing to do. Moreover, a good anger management contract also includes stipulations about what you as a teacher are doing to help students along this path.

The template in this lesson offers insight into how an anger management contract can look.

Anger Management Contract Template

Each section in this template is followed by a brief explanation and, when relevant, an example of what might be stated in this section.


Show that the contract is serious and organized by including a heading. For example:

Josie's Anger Management Contract


Here, you will use one or two sentences to state the underlying purpose of the contract. Be clear and concise. For instance:

This contract is being put in place to help Josie learn to manage her anger, so that she can learn and participate effectively in our classroom community.

Student Agreements

This section should clearly stipulate all of the behaviors and strategies the student is agreeing to by signing the contract. For example:

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