Anger Management Techniques for Teens

Instructor: Karin Gonzalez

Karin has taught middle and high school Health and has a master's degree in social work.

Teens have a lot going on and plenty to be angry about. Anger management techniques help teens stop their anger from producing irrational and harmful results. Teens, and individuals helping teens, can learn ways to stop anger from being destructive in this lesson.

What Is Anger Management?

Tony is known by others as a 'hot head.' His anger often erupts into a teenage tantrum. He has cursed at teachers and engaged in physical fights. Tony is often in detention and has frequent suspensions. He is required to visit the guidance counselor for anger management counseling before he is expelled.

Anger is an emotion that is completely normal. It only becomes a problem when expressed in a dangerous manner, such as with verbal or physical attacks. When anger is expressed in one of these negative manners, a therapist, psychologist, or counselor may employ anger management therapy. Anger management encompasses noticing when anger is present and employing methods to calm or distract oneself from becoming overly angry, emotional, and irrational with the anger.

Teenagers are often angry as they are confronted with many distressing issues including peer pressure, struggles with physical appearance, academic challenges, demands from sports or extracurricular activities, bullying, sexual interest and approval of the opposite (or same!) sex, pressure to try alcohol or drugs, identity formation, and questions as to their purpose in life. Teens are also dealing with restrictions from parents when they feel that they are deserving or able to have more freedom. Some teens are dealing with poverty, neighborhood violence, and neglect or abuse at home.

These issues are some of the reasons that many teens would benefit from anger management techniques.

Anger Management Techniques for Teens

Sometimes teens have not learned how to express their feelings or needs. They may also be under the impression that physical or verbal attacks are the only way to channel their anger properly. We will follow Tony through his therapy to learn about some effective anger management techniques for teenagers. First, Tony must learn to identify his anger and anger triggers and learn about emotions that often underlie anger.

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