Anglo-Saxon History Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

With the following project ideas, your students will be able to delve deeper into the history and the culture of the Anglo-Saxons and their role in British history.

The Anglo-Saxons

The Anglo-Saxons played a substantial role in British history, contributing their name even to the English language. Students may still have many questions and areas they'd like to explore after initially learning about the Anglo-Saxons, so this could be a great chance for in-depth projects. The following projects are adaptable to most grades, and are designed to give your students a chance to take a deeper look at Anglo-Saxon history and culture.

Anglo-Saxon Projects

Historical Fiction

For this writing project, students will create an edited and polished work of historical fiction set in the Anglo-Saxon period of British history. To start, students will conduct a research project in which they explore moments from this history and elements of Anglo-Saxon culture. This research should be substantial enough that students' work will demonstrate substantial familiarity with the context and culture.

Students will then compose their short works of historical fiction. While the protagonist should be a fictional character, this character will interact with real people, events, and cultural ideas from Anglo-Saxon history. Give students a chance to draft, peer edit, and revise their work.

  • Materials: Research supplies as desired, writing supplies

Curate an Exhibit

Inform students that they have been selected by a prestigious museum to curate an exhibit on the Anglo-Saxons. This exhibit must contain ten artifacts (or images of artifacts) with placards, posters introducing and summarizing/concluding the exhibit, and an exhibit brochure that explains each artifact and the overall contributions of the Anglo-Saxons to British history. Talk with students about the elements of a strong museum exhibit, as well as the goals of museum curating.

Give students time to conduct their research, select their ten artifacts, and assemble their pop-up museum exhibit. When they are ready, ask students to set up their exhibits and let them tour each other's.

  • Materials: Research supplies, poster board, paper art and craft supplies as desired

Historical Reenactment

Divide the students into small groups, and assign each group an element of Anglo-Saxon history or culture. This could be a major event, a type of Anglo-Saxon tradition or ritual, or something to do with major figures in this history. Each group will research their topic and write a brief skit in which they will act this out.

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