Animal Farm Chapter 4: Summary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

In the fourth chapter of ''Animal Farm'', Animalism continues to spread across the countryside. In this summary, we will learn how animals on other farms react to this news, as well as Man's response to the rising rebellion.

Hope and Fear

It was only a matter of time before the animals all across the country would hear about the freedom the rebellious animals at Animal Farm were enjoying. Animalism is a preoccupation with physical desires and was selected by the pigs as the new way of life at Animal Farm. As Animalism spreads, what will happen to the other farmers? As the animals become hopeful, men grow fearful.

Pigs lead the Rebellion.

Word of the Rebellion Spreads

Word spread of the animal rebellion to neighboring farms. Snowball and Napoleon sent pigeons to tell the other animals of the county about Animal Farm and to teach them Beasts of England, their anthem. Mr. Jones spent his time in a bar complaining to other farmers about what had happened to him. The other farmers tried to figure out how they could take advantage of the situation. Mr. Jones's two neighboring farms were Foxwood and Pinchfield. The larger, Foxwood was owned by Mr. Pilkington who enjoyed fishing and hunting so much that he neglected his farm. The smaller, Pinchfield, was owned by Mr. Frederick. Mr. Frederick kept his farm in better condition. He liked to negotiate business deals and was frequently involved in lawsuits. Mr. Frederick and Mr. Pilkington did not like each other at all, but they were both frightened of the animal revolution that had taken place on Manor Farm. Frederick and Pilkington spread rumors the animals were fighting amongst themselves and starving to death. When it became evident that was not happening, they spread rumors of torture and cannibalism on the farm. No one really believed those stories. Word of the rebellion spread at an astonishing rate over the next year. All over the country, animals began to revolt against their owners. Animals everywhere were singing Beasts of England. When humans caught animals singing that song, they beat them, but Man was not successful in containing it.

Animal Farm Is Invaded

In early October, Mr. Jones and several other men came onto the farm with weapons in an attempt to recapture it. The animals had anticipated this might happen and had prepared a defense by studying Julius Caesar. Snowball led the defense. His first line of attack was to create a diversion by sending pigeons flying overhead while geese pecked at their legs. By the time the men fought off the birds, the goats, sheep, and donkey rushed them and stomped them with their hooves. The men were also able to fight off these animals. Snowball yelled retreat. The men cheered as the animals ran back towards the barn. They thought they had won, but it was just a tactic. As soon as the men were all the way inside the yard, all the animals, led by the horses, cows, and pigs, ambushed the men. Mr. Jones shot at Snowball and killed a sheep. Boxer reared up and came down hard on the skull of a boy that worked at Foxwood. When the men saw what had happened, they ran away. Their invasion was over in a matter of minutes.

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