Animal Farm Chapter 9: Summary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

In this lesson, we will learn about the ninth chapter of the George Orwell novella, Animal Farm. In this lesson, Boxer looks forward to his retirement.

Boxer Ages as the Workload Increases

In the ninth chapter of Animal Farm, the animals recover from the war wounds received at the Battle of the Windmill. Recognizing that he is getting older and slower, Boxer has a few more things he would like to contribute towards the building of the windmill. Will his retirement be everything he was promised?

Boxer Continues On and More Sacrifice Is Needed

Despite the concerns of Benjamin and Clover and the excruciating pain from an injury sustained in battle, Boxer labors on to fulfill his dream of seeing the windmill fully functioning before his retirement next year. Unclear about the location for retired animals now that the pasture is a barley field, Boxer trusts the pigs have a plan for the enjoyment of his pension.

By fall, there are extra mouths to feed and a school to build because Napoleon fathers thirty-one offspring from four different sows and these little ones need to be prevented from fraternizing with other animals. This means another cut in rations for animals that are not pigs or dogs. Meanwhile, pigs decorate themselves for Sunday meetings with green ribbons on their tails and enjoy a pint of beer each night, except Napoleon who gets a gallon.

Keeping the Farm Motivated And Moses Return

Now a Republic, an election is held to vote for Napoleon as the unopposed President of Animal Farm. In order to keep the troops motivated, weekly 'spontaneous demonstrations' are held to celebrate Napoleon and freedom. The ceremonies are so inspiring that most animals forget how hungry they are.

Moses reappears with more stories about the spectacular Sugarcandy Mountain. Sugarcandy Mountain is where animals reside after their death as a reward for their hard work while living. The pigs have a perplexing relationship with Moses as they dismiss all of his stories as fabrications but give him beer each day without making him work for it.

Boxer's Collapse and Departure from the Farm

As he is hauling a load of stone to the windmill, Boxer collapses. As only Mollie and Snowball have left the farm since the Rebellion, the animals are cautiously optimistic that Boxer will receive the superior care he deserves at the veterinary hospital Napoleon is sending him to. Anticipating a full recover, Boxer decides that he has earned his rest and will spend his remaining years learning the rest of the alphabet.

But when a van that reads 'Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler' comes to take Boxer away, the animals chase after it and shriek for Boxer to escape. They think they hear Boxer trying to break free, but as he has lost considerable strength with age, he is powerless. The van drives away, and Boxer is never seen again.

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