Animal Habitat Project Ideas

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

As your students learn about animal habitats, they are also discovering how diverse the terrain, climate, and life forms are across the Earth. These projects provide students a chance to work collaboratively on high-interest activities.

Animal Habitats

Animals select habitats that best provide for their needs regarding food, climate, and shelter from their enemies. Students will enjoy learning how their favorite animals interact with the other inhabitants within their habitat to create equilibrium within the ecosystem. These projects use cooperative learning techniques and creativity to engage students in active learning.

Animal Habitat Projects

Habitat Bulletin Board

Grade Level: 2-6

Length: 45-90 minutes

Materials needed: computer/internet, books about animal habitats, construction paper, stickers, markers, paint/brushes, cotton balls, staplers

For this project, students will decorate a class bulletin board as an anchor for remembering some animal habitats.

Divide a bulletin board into four separate sections. Cover each section with a different color background: white, brown, blue, green. The white section will represent the arctic region. The blue section will represent the coral reef. The brown section will represent the desert. The green section will represent the rain forest.

Divide the class into four groups with each group representing one of the habitats. Have students use either internet research or provided books to learn about their assigned habitats. Have students work together as a group to find answers to questions, such as:

  • What is the climate?
  • What plants live in the habitat?
  • What animals live in the habitat?
  • What protection is offered by the habitat?
  • Why might an animal choose this habitat?

Have students work collaboratively to design and decorate their section of the bulletin board to describe their habitat. Have students label the various things that belong in their habitat.

Shoebox Theater

Grade level: 2-8

Length: 60-120 minutes

Materials needed: shoeboxes (1 per group), plastic animals, construction paper, rocks, beads, twigs, acetate, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, paint/brushes, markers, tape

Have students select a habitat they want to explore further. Divide students into small groups based on choices.

Have students cut a two-inch square hole on one side of the box to peek into the box.

Have students cut another hole on top of the center of the box to emit light.

Have students work collaboratively to design and decorate the habitat so that when someone peeks in the box, they can see a scene from their assigned habitat. Emphasize that all elements of the habitat scene must be securely fastened so they will not be jostled when someone lifts the box to examine the scene.

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