Animals in Russia Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mark Boster
Most people like some sort of wild animal or another from their own country. In the United States, it may be a raccoon, in Canada, it may be a moose, but in Russia, there are animals that people in different parts of the world don't even know exist.

Animal Questions

Vladimir, who lived in Moscow, Russia, asked his mother if everyone in the world saw the same animals. 'Well', said his mother, 'it depends on where you live'. All people see birds and mammals, but there are special animals in different parts of the world. 'What about us, mother,' Vladimir asked, what unique animals do we have?'

Let's follow along and find out.

Far Eastern Russia

Amur Tigers

The Amur tiger is a very large tiger - it's the largest animal in the cat family. Sometimes, they are four feet tall at their shoulders, over one meter tall. That's bigger than a Bengal tiger! They can get to be ten feet long and weigh 700 pounds, and mostly live in far eastern Russia.

Russian Boar

Boars are wild pigs that have huge tusks. They are pretty mean and you wouldn't want to meet one of them. The Russian boar is even worse than that. Russian boars are ugly and can grow up to 500 pounds. They live in the Siberian Alps, also in eastern Russia.

Far Eastern Russian Animals
far eastern Russian animals

The Volga Region


The desman has very poor eyesight, like a mole. However, it has a tail sort of like a platypus. The most interesting thing about the desman, though, is that its fur doesn't get wet, even underwater! How does it do that? The desman lives near the Volga and Ural Rivers.


Bakail Seal

There is a lake in eastern Siberia where the only mammal that lives in it is the Bakail Seal. These are the only seals in the world that do not live in oceans or seas. In fact, they wouldn't survive in the oceans because they need fresh water, and not salt water, to survive.

Barguzin Sable

This sable lives near the Bakail Otter, but not in the water. It's curious and likes to explore. Sometimes, it even gets close to tourists and may even let tourists pet it! It has very soft fur, and people like to make coats out of it. It's so popular, it is even on a Russian stamp.

Putorana Snow Sheep

These sheep live high in the mountains of Siberia. Not just high in the mountains, but very high. In fact, there are no roads leading there. You either have to take a boat or an airplane get to the area they're in. Then you have to go up into the mountains 1,700 meters. That is over one mile up!

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