Ano Nuevo Spanish Holiday

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If you happen to be in a Spanish-speaking country for New Year's Day, ''Año Nuevo'', then it would be useful to know the traditions and activities that are celebrated on this day. In this lesson, you'll learn key Spanish words related to the festivity.

Key Vocabulary For Año Nuevo

Here, you will find Spanish vocabulary you will need to celebrate New Year's Day in a Spanish-speaking country:

Spanish Pronunciation English
Año nuevo /AH.nyoh noo.EH.voh/ New Year's Day

víspera de año nuevo

/BEES.peh.rah deh AH.nyoh noo.EH.voh/
New Year's Eve
medianoche /MEH.dee.ah noh.cheh/ midnight
feliz año /feh.LEES AH.nyoh/ Happy New Year
fuegos artificiales

juegos pirotécnicos
/foo.EH.gohs ahr.tee.fee.see.AH.lehs/

/hoo.EH.gohs pee.roh.TEK.nee.kohs/
champaña /cham.PAH.nyah/ champagne
deseo /deh.SEH.oh/ wish
uvas oo.BAHS grapes
propósitos de año nuevo /proh.POH.see.tohs deh AH.nyo noo.EH.boh/ New Year's resolutions
celebrar /seh.leh.BRAHR/ to celebrate
comer Koh.MEHR/ to eat
beber /beh.BEHR/ to drink
hacer un brindis /ah.SEHR oon BREEN.dees/ to make a toast
día de campo /pah.SEH.oh deh OH.yah/ pícnic
asado /ah.SAH.doh/ barbecue

Food and Drinks

Ajiaco from Colombia
Ajiaco - Colombia

In Spanish-speaking countries, it is a tradition to celebrate New Year's Eve even more than New Year's Day. Friends and family get together to share food and drinks.

Here is a list of food and drinks that are usually prepared on New Year's Eve:

Name Country What It Is
Colombia, Cuba The soup is often prepared with three different kinds of potatoes. It has chicken, corn on the cob, and herbs. It can be served with capers and cream and accompanied by rice and avocado.
México It is a corn soup. It could be green, red, or white. It can have either chicken, pork, or beef. It also has pork rind, avocado, lettuce, radishes, and oregano.
Vitel toné
/bee.TEHL toh.NEH/
Argentina It is veal with a special dressing that has tuna, egg yolks, mayonnaise, and anchovies. A plate that is originally from Italy and has become a tradition in the country.
Cerdo asado
/sehr.doh ah.SAH.doh/
Cuba Roasted pig with a traditional sauce: onion, garlic, sour orange juice, and cumin
Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, México Anise-flavored alcoholic beverage
México Alcoholic beverage
Ponche de huevo
/POHN.cheh deh oo.EH.boh/

Venezuela, Colombia Similar to eggnog
Puerto Rico Coconut-based liquor
Perú, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina Alcoholic beverage made with aguardiente, panela (sugar cane), and cinnamon. It is served hot.

Since people often stay up late on New Year's Eve, they usually go out with their families to have a picnic or barbecue on New Year's Day. However, the biggest celebrations are on New Year's Eve.

Having Fun On New Year's Eve

Spanish-speaking countries have varied celebrations mostly on Nochevieja, New Year's Eve. Family and friends do not only share food and drinks, they also dance and perform several activities that are believed to bring good fortune, health, and prosperity for the New Year to come. Here are some of those celebrations:

La Puerta del Sol
Fireworks Spain

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