Anti-Bullying Policy Template

Instructor: Derek Hughes
Every school should have an anti-bullying program in place. The first thing you should create is a policy that clearly outlines your school's anti-bullying efforts. This lesson will provide a template you can use to create your school's policy.

Anti-Bullying Policy Template

Imagine you witnessed what you thought might be a child being bullied. Do you know how you should react? Do you know who you should contact to help address the issue? Do you know what kinds of consequences the bully should face? These and many other questions can be answered in a school's anti-bullying policy.

In order to ensure that every student feels safe and cared for, a school needs to have an anti-bullying program in place. This program should help to establish rules, consequences, and resources for bullies and those affected by bullying. One important aspect of this program is a document that clearly outlines your anti-bullying policy. This lesson will provide you with an example template you can use to help create your school's anti-bullying policy.

An anti-bullying policy can be an incredibly long document. Therefore, this lesson will outline and define the different sections you should include in your policy and short examples of what you might find in each section. These examples are intentionally vague so they can be adapted to your school's specific culture and policies.

Mission Statement

Your anti-bullying policy should open with a clear mission statement that tells the reader the goal of the policy. This should include how it was developed, and how it will help the school.


'We want everyone at XYZ Elementary to feel safe and cared for. Therefore, our school community has set forth a policy to help everyone respond to and curb bullying behavior. This document will outline our school's anti-bullying program so every student understands how they are protected and cared for.'

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