Anti-Bullying Week Ideas

Instructor: Josh Corbat

Josh has taught Earth Science and Physical Science at the High School level and holds a Master of Education degree from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Is your school having an anti-bullying week? Need some ideas for school, or classroom, activities and events? This lesson provides some ideas that can be modified to meet your specific needs.

The Importance of an Anti-Bullying Week

Bullying and other forms of school-based violence and abuse are a topic of focus in many school and news outlets today. With the increase in forms of technology available to students, new forms of abuse have cropped up that must be mitigated. Having anti-bullying events helps to start difficult conversations. Only through sustained conversation, can students begin to develop deep understandings of the issues at hand. Often, these conversations can also be a healing experience for students that have been the victims of bullying. Below are a few ideas of activities and events that can be incorporated into an anti-bullying week. The ideas are highly flexible, and should be modified to fits the needs of your school and students.

Viewing Films that Contain Bullying

There are many age-appropriate films out there that contain the theme of bullying. Watching a film in class (or as a school, if it's feasible), and then discussing its depiction of bullying can be a powerful experience for students. The discussion is obviously the important part. Use the following discussion questions:

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