AP Biology Final Project Ideas

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Are your students finishing an AP Biology course? Creating summative projects on biological topics can be a great way to conclude your course. These projects are fun, in-depth learning tools to help consolidate an understanding of AP Biology.

AP Biology Related Projects

A great way for students to finish any topic of study is to complete a summation-style project based on the topics covered in the unit. AP Biology is not an exception to this rule.

The projects offered here will allow high school AP Biology students the opportunity to show what they have learned in their biology units.

In-depth Look at One Body System

In this project, students will focus all their attention on a single system of the human body.


  • Poster paper (optional)
  • Art supplies (optional)
  • Research materials (internet or library)
  • Audio/video recording device (optional)


  • Students should consider all of the systems included in the human body and choose one on which to focus the project, like the circulatory system, the digestive system or the respiratory system.
  • The project should include an in-depth explanation of the biological system, including (but not limited to):
    • The name and function of the system
    • What the system is made of
    • How the system works
    • The size of the system
    • Multiple facts about the system (include some little known facts found in your own research)
    • A 3-D representation of the system
      • Students are encouraged to try to design a working model of the system if possible.
  • The end product can be any educational tool such as:
    • A poster
    • A video presentation
    • A stop-motion or other creative film-style presentation
  • The end product should be a complete, comprehensive review of the chosen biological system with a hands-on component to illustrate the system.


  • Students can extend this project by including information on disease or disorders that affect their chosen system.

Gaming About Classification

Creating a game is hard and requires a deep understanding of the material about which the game relates.


  • Hard card stock
  • Craft materials (markers, colored pencils, ruler)
  • Index cards
  • Small items to use as game pieces
  • Dice


  • Students will need to create a fun, interactive and educational game to help others learn about classification in the animal kingdom.
  • The game can be in any form the student chooses, such as:
    • A board game
    • A card game
    • Any other game format desired
  • The game must require players to answer questions related to how animals are classified. For example, some questions might be:
    • Which is the larger group: kingdom or genus? (Genus)
    • Animals that share all of their physical characteristics are likely within the same _____. (Family)
    • Animals classed as vertebrates are animals with what special characteristic? (A backbone)
  • Students must include a rule sheet with their final product.
  • If possible, encourage the student to find other people to play the game.
    • This might be other students in a class or friends/relatives of students working independently.

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