Application in Internet of Things: Definition & Purpose

Instructor: Renuka Puntambekar
In this lesson we will first understand the concept of the internet of things. Next we will learn about various applications involved with the internet of things which could be used in our everyday lives and what purpose they would serve.

The Internet of Things

Imagine this: You are getting ready in the morning for an important meeting. A cup of your favorite coffee is all that you need to help you get energized for the meeting. As you reach out for the coffee jar you realize it's empty. Not a good way to start the day!

This is a typical scenario we all have been in. What if your jar was smart? What if it had a sensor which could identify the contents placed inside it and sense when it was time to replenish it? Even more, what if it was associated with software which could automatically order your favorite coffee from the nearest store and have it delivered to your door step? Problem solved! The internet of things is all this and much more.

The internet of things (IoT) is a framework which connects the physical world with the digital world. In simple terms, the internet of things is a giant network in which every day devices are connected to other connected devices and to the internet as shown in Figure 1.

Internet of things

IoT is a technology in which sensors and software are inserted in devices which surround us. These sensors and software collect and share information about the way the devices work, how they are used, and about the environment around them. All this information is stored on a secure hub called the internet of things platform. The internet of things platform is a very powerful gateway which applies analytics on the information received from these smart physical devices. This information can be used to detect possible problems before they occur and to offer a solution to them.

Internet of Things Applications

Applications in the IoT are extensive. This ideology can be applied towards any real world scenario wherein information can be collected, insights can be gathered, and recommendations can be made to solve problems. Figure 2 illustrates the various areas in our day-to-day lives where applications in the IoT can be used.

Application in IoT

Let's take examples of two IoT applications and understand what purpose they would serve.

Smart Home

The IoT in your home can make living simple and convenient. Smart home devices can enable you to manage the security and settings of your home even when you are far away. You can connect devices and applications in your home so that they can communicate with one another and with you through commands that you provide using a remote, a smartphone or a web application. For example, you can control the air conditioning system in your home while sitting in your car so that your living room is just at the right temperature as you enter. From your office desk, you can also turn off that kitchen light you forgot about during the morning hurry. The list of things you could do is endless.

Smart Home

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