Argumentative Essay Topics

Instructor: David Wood

David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in Physics.

Writing an argumentative essay can be a great way to bring students' passions out, and give them practice both at writing and persuading. Here are some ideas for argumentative essay topics to get them started.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Everyone has opinions. An argumentative essay is a chance to practice writing skills while expressing some of those opinions. It can be a topic you know well, a topic you have to research, something emotional, or something more intellectual. The ability to persuade someone to turn to your point of view is powerful and valuable, and it takes practice. To help your students practice, here are a litany of possible topics for an argumentative essay, separated into categories.

Politics, Government, and Morality

  • Is the death penalty a good or effective idea?
  • Is our country's voting system, or system of government, democratic enough? How does it compare to alternative voting systems and democratic governments?
  • Does the government regulate too little, or too much?
  • When the water in a town turns out to be unsafe to drink, who is to blame?
  • Should marijuana or tobacco be illegal?
  • Should corporations be allowed to contribute to political campaigns?
  • Is wealth distributed fairly across the populace?
  • Given the huge health benefits, should breastfeeding in public be socially acceptable?
  • Is the current drinking age ideal, or should it be changed?
  • Does religion do more harm or good?
  • Is abortion a morally acceptable act? Does it depend on the situation?
  • Does freedom of speech mean that a person can say whatever he wants in any circumstance?
  • Should governments act to prevent monopolies?
  • How can inequality between races and/or sexes be remedied?
  • Should people be drug tested before receiving welfare benefits? Or, does this violate their rights?
  • Is nudity always unacceptable in a public place?
  • Why are different modes of dress acceptable in different places?

Parenting, Childhood, and Sex

  • Should teenagers have curfews?
  • Do Americans receive enough maternity leave?
  • Is sex education beneficial? How far should it go?
  • Should condoms be widely available to all?
  • Is competition good for kids?
  • Should education be gamified?
  • What effect is casual sex having on society?
  • Is sex before marriage a good idea?
  • Is living with a person before getting married a good idea?
  • Should parenting classes be required?
  • To what extent is pornography damaging to people (especially young people)?
  • Should everyone go to college?
  • What should the minimum voting age be?
  • Should parents monitor their kids' Internet usage?
  • Should parents pay students for achieving good grades?

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