Arizona Real Estate Licensing & Continuing Education

Instructor: Eileen Cappelloni

Eileen worked for the Orange County Asssociation of Realtors for 31 years. She has written real estate courses and exams for other publishing companies

This lesson will teach you who has to be an Arizona resident in order to get their real estate license and who does not, as well as how your personal and professional conduct affects your ability to become licensed.

Real Estate License Requirements in Arizona

Jonathon just moved to Arizona and he attends a seminar on how to qualify for a real estate license in Arizona. He has not yet changed his legal address because he's not sure if he will continue to live there, but he listens very intently when he hears the instructor say that he is not required to become a resident of Arizona in order to receive his real estate license. He is also told that in order to apply for a license, he must:

  • Complete 90 hours of the real estate salesperson pre-licensing course through an approved Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) school and pass the school's final exam. Once that is completed, that course will be valid for 10 years. Arizona also allows prelicensing courses to be completed online, although a maximum of only nine hours per day is permitted.
  • Pass the Arizona State Exam; once the licensing exam has been completed, a person must apply for a license within one year from taking and passing the state exam.
  • Complete a licensing application and pay the appropriate fee
  • Obtain an Arizona fingerprint clearance card.
  • Apply for a license within one year of passing the state exam.
  • Complete a contract writing course and submit a completion certificate. This course covers participation in drafting contracts, purchase real property listing agreements, and leasing contracts.
  • Have a sponsoring broker.

Residency Not Required

Arizona, unlike most other states, does not have a state residency requirement to receive a real estate license, although Jonathon does have to prove that he is a legal resident of the United States. However, because the state does not have residency requirements, they do not offer reciprocity. Reciprocity is an agreement between states that allows licensees in one state to apply for the same type of license in another state as a non-resident.

Proof of Arizona residency is required, however, for out-of-state license recognition. If an individual is already licensed in another state and wishes it to be recognized in Arizona, the candidate must show proof of residency in Arizona, proof of licensure in another state, and pass the Arizona licensing exam.

Disqualifications for Licensing

Although all legal U.S. residents may qualify for a real estate license in Arizona, there are reasons that someone can be disqualified, such as if they had a real estate license revoked in any state or were denied a license within the last year. Jonathon does not have to worry about being disqualified because he never held a real estate license before, but he is concerned about a minor crime that he committed when he was 14 years old, the charges of which were eventually dismissed. So he speaks to the instructor after class to discuss the matter with her.

She explains that according to the laws, criminal convictions and background disclosure on the Disciplinary Actions Disclosure Form must be completed by all applicants, and since the charges were ultimately dismissed, it is likely that he still would be granted a license. At worst, additional documentation and information may be required. The Department CANNOT issue a license to a person convicted of a felony who is incarcerated, paroled or under community supervision and may not issue a license to a convicted felon, or to someone convicted of a misdemeanor whose crime concerned abuse of public trust, such as theft, forgery or extortion.

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