Asking and Answering Questions in Spanish: Listening Activity

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
In this lesson, we will practice the question words focusing on our listening skills. Juan's trip has come to an end, and he looks back at his vacation and later we send him off back to Mexico. !Hasta luego, Juan!

A Trip with Many Questions

Juan's trip has come to an end. He had a lot of great experiences, met a lot of interesting people and overall had a wonderful trip. As he makes his way to the airport to head back to Mexico, he thinks about all he's done in the past few days.

What Are the Question Words?: At the Museum

Juan: ?Dónde está el museo? (Where is the museum?)

Girl: Está allí. (It's there.)

Sandra: ?Adónde va señor? (Sir, where are you going?)

Juan: Al museo. (To the museum.)

Sandra: ¡Yo también! ?Cómo se llama? (Me too! What's your name?)

Juan: Me llamo Juan. ?Y usted? (My name's Juan. And you?)

Sandra: Me llamo Sandra. ?De dónde es? (My name is Sandra. Where are you from?)

Juan: Soy de México. (I'm from Mexico.)

Ticket Man: ?Cuántas personas? (How many people?)

Juan: Dos personas. ?Cuánto cuesta? (Two people. How much does it cost?)

Ticket Man: Cinco dólares. (Five dollars.)

Docent: ¡Buenas tardes! ?Cómo están ustedes? (Good afternoon! How are you all doing?)

Everyone: Bien. Así así. !Muy bien! (Good. So-so. Very good!)

Juan: ?Quién lo pintó? (Who painted it?)

Docent: Da Vinci.

Security Guard: ?Señor, con quién va? (Sir, with whom are you going?)

Juan: !Con ese grupo! (With that group!)

Docent: ?Cuál pintura es de Picasso? ¡Correcto! ?Cuándo la pintó? (Which painting is by Picasso? Correct! When did he paint it?)

Juan: ?1910?

Docent: ¡Correcto! ?Qué es? (Correct! What is it?)

Everyone: Un elefante. Un tomate. Una casa. (An elephant. A tomato. A house.)

Docent: !Correcto, correcto y correcto! (Correct, correct and correct!)

Sandra: ?Por qué? (Why?)

Docent: ¡Porque es arte! Buenas noches. (Because that's art! Good night.)

Juan: Buenas noches. (Good night.)

The Question Words in Phrases: The Bus Tour

Sandra: !Buenos días! ?Cómo estás? (Good morning. How are you?)

Juan: Bien, gracias. ?Y tú? (Good, thanks. And you?)

Sandra: !Fantástica!

Ticket Man: ?Cuál autobús prefieres, el rojo o el azul? (Which tour bus do you prefer, the red bus or the blue bus?)

Juan: ?Adónde va el autobús rojo? (Where does the red bus go?)

Ticket Man: El autobús rojo va al hospital, la iglesia y el museo. (The red bus goes to the hospital, church and museum.)

Juan: ?Y adónde va el autobús azul? (And where does the blue bus go?)

Ticket Man: El autobús azul va al hotel, la oficina de correos, la fuente, el puente y el parque. (The blue bus goes to the hotel, post office, fountain, bridge and the park.)

Juna: El autobús azul, por favor. (The blue bus, please.)

Ticket Man: Bien. ?Cuántos billetes de autobús? (Good. How many tickets?)

Juan: Dos. ?Cuánto cuesta el billete? (Two. How much does the bus ticket cost?)

Ticket Man: 40 dólares. (40 dollars.)

Juan: ?Cuánto? (How much?!)

Ticket Man: Dos billetes cuestan 80 dólares. (Two tickets cost 80 dollars.)

Tour Guide: Buenos días. Soy Diego. ?Cómo están ustedes? (Good morning. I'm Diego. How are you guys doing?)

Juan: Bien. (Good.)

Tour Guide: ?Y cómo se llama usted? (And what's your name?)

Juan: Me llamo Juan. (My name is Juan.)

Tour Guide: ?Juan, de dónde es? (Juan, where are you from?)

Juan: Soy de México. (I'm from Mexico.)

Tour Guide: ?Y usted, señorita? ?De dónde es? (And you, miss? Where are you from?)

Sandra: Soy de España. (I'm from Spain.)

Tour Guide: ?Y ustedes, de dónde son? (Where are you guys from?)

Couple: Somos de Colombia. (We are from Columbia.)

Sandra: ?Diego, qué es? (Diego, what is it?)

Tour Guide: Gracias, Sandra. Este edificio es la oficina de correos. Es muy viejo. (Thanks, Sandra. This building is a post office. It is very old.)

Juan: ?Cuándo se construyó? (When was it built?)

Tour Guide: Se construyó en 1915 y se reformó en 1978. (It was built in 1915 and renovated in 1978.)

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