Author Pamela Allen: Biography & Books

Instructor: Crystal Hall

Crystal has a bachelor's degree in English, a certification in General Studies, and has assisted in teaching both middle and high school English.

Pamela Allen, an author from New Zealand, has written more than thirty children's books to date. Her charming characters and stories are educational, interesting, and entertaining.

Simon Said, published in 1985
Pamela Allen


Pamela Allen was born in 1934 in Devonport, New Zealand. Her love of illustration came at an early age and prompted her to pursue and obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. She is married to Jim Allen, who is a sculptor, and the couple lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Literary Career

Since 1980, Pamela Allen has been writing, illustrating, and publishing children's books. Her first book, Mr. Archimedes' Bath, is an educational tale of Mr. Archimedes, whose bathtub is always overflowing with water because there are too many animals in the tub with him. Determined to find out which of his friends is responsible for the rising water level and ensuing mess, Mr. Archimedes uses scientific means to measure the water levels as his friends get in and out of the bathtub. Allen's writing style is simplistic in order to give the children a better understanding of her books. Her illustrations are meant to bring life to the characters through both a visual means and through children's imaginations. In fact, her stories are so vivid and vibrant that The Patch Theatre Company has adapted and performed eight of her books at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Her books have also been translated into French, Swedish, and Japanese.

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