B2B Sales Strategies & Tactics

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Business-to-business (B2B) sales success depends on using proven sales strategies. In this lesson, we will discuss some of the strategies involved in a successful B2B sales process.

Business-to-business Sales

In business-to-business (B2B) sales, you're not just an order taker. You need to identify potential customers and make the case that they should buy your products or services. That's why it is important to do research, prepare before making a phone call, gain client trust, and closing the deal.

Do Your Research

Would you write a paper without researching the topic first? In B2B sales, before you start contacting any potential clients, it is essential to do your research. You must determine which companies are best aligned to do business with, so you don't waste time contacting businesses with no use for your particular product or service. It's also beneficial to discuss leads with your colleagues because they may have useful information about them or be able to provide other leads.

Not only should you research potential clients; you should also know all important information about what you are selling to the client. It is the salesperson's job to know of any specific product features or promotions that can be beneficial to the potential customer. It would look unprofessional if you were stumbling around to get information or not providing accurate information to potential clients.

Prepare Before the Call

Before making a call, you need to know your products' selling points. A selling point is a unique characteristic that differentiates a company's product from competitors' products. After determining your products' selling points, you must decide what you want to talk about with the potential customer. It may be easier to use a script when talking to potential customers over the phone, or a general outline to make sure all topics are discussed. You should start off by giving a little background about the company, and how your products can help the customer.

Let's consider what can happen if you don't plan what to say on a call. Jerry works for an office supply company and decides to contact a potential customer. Jerry calls the potential customer and after one minute forgets what he is going to say because he isn't well-prepared for the phone call. The client is not impressed and hangs up the phone. It is important for a salesperson to research and prepare what to say to sound professional over the phone.

Make Sure the Client Can Trust You

Sometimes salespeople can be overbearing and try to oversell. Overselling is when a salesperson tries to sell too much to the customer, instead of focusing on the needs of the client. As a salesperson, you want to make sure you earn the client's trust. When discussing products, don't be too pushy. Just highlight the items and features that will be beneficial to the client. Don't take advantage of your clients by selling them products that will not benefit them.

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